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AMHVoices:Dlodlo missing the point


IN response to Dokora stole my idea: Whatever that means, Nontiwani Dlodlo seems to have missed the point.

Tarusenga Bere,Our Reader

lazurus dokora

First and foremost, the idea of offering a driving course is contained in the Curriculum Blueprint Framework, which is a product of wide consultations.

My understanding is that the process of consultations was spearheaded by six team leaders, who then collated the different views that came from stakeholders, including ideas of people like Dlodlo.

I want to believe that Dlodlo took part in the initial consultations and the subsequent breakfast meetings like we did here in Mashonaland Central. From all the meetings that I attended, one thing came out clearly: That the new education curriculum should offer skills, not only the driving skills that Dlodlo is talking about, but a host of skills that include business skills, leadership skills, gardening, hairdressing, etc. From the statistics that we got from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, more than 960 000 people participated during the consultation process. At a meeting in Mashonaland West, it was pointed out that there were two schools in Matabeleland South already doing driving courses, and had been doing that for some years.

Tell me now, is Dlodlo suggesting that he is the spokesperson of almost one million people who participated? Is he the only one with driving skills? Is driving a skill residing in the personality of Dlodlo? I don’t seem to understand this Dlodlo. In fact, I smell a rat here! I am persuaded to think Dlodlo is one of those people who harbour the notion that schools are a market source.

Now that the horses have bolted out of the stable, he has every reason to regret. If at all Dlodlo had good intentions, he was supposed to celebrate together with the ministry for the fulfilment of his dream.

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