Zim make-up artist roped into SA soap

A Zimbabwean make-up artist based in South Africa, Nothando Pamela Majoni, has been roped into E-TV’s soap opera, Gold Diggers, and will be working with the soap’s cast, NewsDay has established.


The Kambuzuma-bred Majoni said she was honoured to work with the cast of one of South Africa’s most popular soap operas.

“It is an honour to be working with some of the most celebrated actors that I grew up watching such as Zulu Boy. I didn’t expect that and it came as a surprise to me,” she said.

Majoni said she did not audition for the job, but was called after one of the producers of the soapie saw her work on social media.


“I did not audition or go for an interview for the job. The head of production saw my work on social media and he was really impressed. He gave me the job right away,” said the Majoni, who is also a motivational speaker.

Majoni said being a make-up artist was not just about applying face powders on the face of a person, but a skill that took a great deal of artistry.

“Being a cast make-up artist is different from what people are used to every day. I have to read the script and grasp the concept. If the scenes are in the morning I have to apply make-up in a way that resembles a person who is waking up without the make-up,” she said.

“Sometimes I have to apply some illusion if the scene demands some special improvements like when someone chops his or her finger.”
Nothando said her greatest wish was to set up a make-up artists association in Zimbabwe.

“Make-up artists have no association to improve their working conditions in the country and as so, we do not have standards and people look down our work,” she said.

“I also think that there should be schools that teach make-up artists how to do their work in a professional way.”

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