Zambia eyes GMB’s silos

The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) says it has been engaged by Zambia which wants to use the parastatal’s silos as storage facilities.


Speaking at GMB’s fourth annual general meeting last week, acting general manager Lawrence Jasi said the company had excess capacity in silos that could be utilised by other players at a fee.

“We are also looking at it regionally, like in Zambia. Once we rehabilitate our silos, stakeholders get confidence in our silos they should be able to store their grain with us. The Food Reserve of Zambia approached us to store their grain,” Jasi said, adding that the confidence on the parastatal’s silos would generate revenue for the company.

He, however, could not give more details, saying the deal was in its early stages. In an advertisement in June, GMB said it had excess storage facilities.

GMB is now inundated with farmers demanding payment or their grain back

“The Grain Marketing Board offers grain storage space for hire at its concrete cylindrical silos and bag depots across the country, storage application forms are available at the nearest GMB depot. Terms, conditions and storage charges will be as per GMB storage contract,” it said.

At its peak in the 1990s, GMB used to keep 500 000 tonnes of grain in reserves annually.

At the moment, the silos do not have much.

This has been coupled by the inability of GMB to pay farmers their dues on time. GMB owes farmers
$35 million for last season and the new deliveries.

A number of farmers in Zimbabwe have resorted to growing tobacco as it was well-funded and paid more compared to maize, forcing the country to import maize.

GMB deputy general manager (Finance and Administration) Joe Muzurura said the board had been looking for funds, but the interest rates were prohibitive although they were now coming down.

“We have engaged CBZ our financial advisor to look at partnerships and discussions are at advanced levels. We should be procuring a leasing plant for maize and flour,” he said.

GMB is owed $67 million by government for the 2013-2014 farming season in local trade receivables.

The board is waiting for $31 million for the complete refurbishments of its silos and from internal funds, $200 000 has been raised for Norton and Bulawayo, he said.


  1. We may refuse this but the facts point that these whites are good farmers. They now want zambia to rent our silos because we have failed to utilise them instead we are breeding rats in them because we have failed in agriculture. We used to think it takes years to have a stable farmer but how many years have these whites been in Zambia?

    1. who ever said that they not good farmers? …

  2. But Zambia must be careful, we are taught looters and we have perfected and legalised the art of stealing.

  3. GMB says it has excess storage instead of excess grain, this country?

    1. GMB doesn’t have storage capacity because the grain silos built 50 years ago under Rhodesian sanctions have never been maintained and are now mostly useless.

  4. Zambia has a bumper harvest and their GDP is now twice that of Zimbabwe. Thanx to Nicko and those former evicted white farmers, we now store their maize for them

  5. We should store the maize to them for free. Remenber Zim role in SADC is food security whilst we know we are now busy farming weeds

  6. Patrick Mwanawasa

    Zimbabweans are a stupid lot. Ian Smith gave them a superb infrastructure but in only 35 years they managed to destroy everything that Smith and his forefathers built in 90 years. It seems our southern neighbors are only good at speaking and writing policy documents and nothing else. ESAP, ZIMPREST……….. and now ZIMASSET. Shame!!

  7. Patrick Mwanawasa

    Funny Zimbabweans. Only good at talking and writing policy documents which they themselves don’t read but are for the “benefit” of IMF officials. The whole country is now just em aah eh…. Zimbabwe ruins!

  8. Not funny at all.According to experts ,about 1,5million people in Zim,face starvation ,and we want to store Zambia`s maize in the silos that must store our maize for consumption?! Hire our silos,no;we need to buy enough maize to fill those silos instead,to feed our people and keep the extra for a rainy day.

  9. Zambia be careful otherwise that maize will be stolen. Built your own silos please. Why, are we stupid how can we look after somebody’s food when our tummies are empty. To say “at the moment the silos dont have much” is an understatement. The silos dont have anything, anything at all…… a big fat zero. The very little the farmers are producing they are no longer selling to GMB because of its payment policy. So the truth is we have no maize at all in all our silos so Zambia is free (at their own risk) to come and fill them up.

  10. tinokunyudazi imi…… tibviirei apo

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  12. ava vachanyura ava maiwe..

  13. Ishuwa here. Hakuzi kupaGonzo nzungu kuti richengete???? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk unozonzwa kunzi taendesa kurally chibage chenyu zambia

  14. my buddy’s ex-wife makes $88 /hr on the laptop . She has been laid off for 6 months but last month her pay was $12492 just working on the laptop for a few hours.

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