Pictures: Sun ‘halo’ over Zimbabwe


A rare lunar eclipse occurred in the early hours of Monday morning.

Hours after the super blood moon, a “halo” appeared around the sun around mid-morning in Harare.

Pictures by Aaron Ufumeli



The halo, an optical phenomenon, is said to appear when light interacts with ice crystals in the clouds.


Halos have sparked many theories, with some speculating they were an indicator the rainy season has started.


But for others, the early morning lunar eclipse, or super red moon and the halo could be a harbinger for bad things to come.


  1. We do not like these eclipses. We actually need the light from the moon more seeing that we are getting none from ZESA. Thieves took advantage to this and robbed this morning.

  2. manifestation of God’s kingdom on earth

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    same holy Mountain with the retinue of his
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    Mountain, precisely 28th May, 1991, a
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    The brilliant light in the middle symbolizes
    Jesus Christ seating upon the throne.”
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    evidence that, I Jesus have set my lofty
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