None in Zanu PF can withstand Mujuru/Tsvangirai heat

The fighting within the Zanu PF as reflected in the brawl at the burial of Sikhanyiso Ndlovu at the National Heroes Acre on Saturday shows that the party is imploding.

Tatambura Rights,Our Reader

Morgan Tsvangirai and Joice Mujuru
Morgan Tsvangirai and Joice Mujuru

Opposition parties should put their egos aside and join forces to push Zanu PF out of power and end the misery of suffering Zimbabweans.

The people whom we entrusted with power at independence have betrayed us.

They have thrown the ideals of the struggle out of the window.

The late heroes like Josiah Tongogara, Jason Moyo and Herbert Chitepo must be turning in their graves in anger as to what their beloved country has begotten.

And it appears, maybe Sekuru Kaguvi and Mbuya Nehanda have forsaken us as a country.

However, we have within our ranks and file people who can take us to the promised land of milk and honey.

With Zanu PF in shambles, a coalition between MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai and former Vice-President Joice Mujuru is the winning card. Zanu PF know that if this coalition materialises their days are numbered.

This is the reason why on a daily basis the State media is on an anti-Tsvangirai and
anti-Mujuru campaign. In colloquial Shona they say anebhora ndiye anomakwa (he who has the ball is tightly marked).

Zanu PF bigwigs are having sleepless nights since Mujuru joined opposition politics a few weeks ago.

If Mujuru is a nobody in the Zimbabwean body politic, why is she being demonised day in day out in the State media?

She is the third force that the Zimbabwean opposition politics has been yearning for.

President Robert Mugabe with his advanced age cannot stand the Tsvangirai/Mujuru juggernaut, come 2018. Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa is out of question.

He has on several occasions been trounced by MDC’s Blessing Chebundo only to ditch his constituency. Worse if he is to stand as the Zanu PF presidential candidate, he will be whitewashed. He has skulls in his cupboard.

Let the countdown begin!

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  1. with Bob out of the picture its Mnangagwa versus the opposition but I don’t think Mnangagwa is banking on his popularity to win the coming elections hence his hanging on to the Justice ministry under which the elections body zec falls.i hope the opposition and Zimbabweans in general wont be surprised by the 2018 elections result.for Ngwena power comes first and then popularity will follow.

    1. Heat? What heat? The Obama G40 will clean out all this gamatoxic nonsense in 2018, wait and see.

  2. Munhavayebenzi Munezvese

    i) They are born
    ii) They grow and become very strong
    iii) They begin to deteriorate
    iiii) They DIE.

    So do kingdoms, Empires and everything.

    Am still trying to figure out in which stage Zanu PF is on the circle of life. The Tsvangirai/Mujuru stage? Not sure, for the time being I will leave it at 9 months pregnancy.

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    1. Frail Mugabegenarian

      Silly old dude thinks he is a god. Mugabe same same nezvimaporofita zve feki zvizere mu Zimbabwe. Apawo chi off leya che 50 years chirikungotsindirwa nekamudhara kane mubhadha waunyana nekuperapendi. Tsek…

      1. Shame shame shame

  4. As an MDC-T supporter, l don’t encourage a Tsvangirai-Mujuru Coalition. I want the two 2 contest as different parties since Mujuru will divide the ZANU PF vote esp in Mashonaland. That will lead 2 a victory 4 my MDC-T.

  5. Although most of my blogs never see the light of the day, I will never cease to pour out my political experience or hide behind the truth. Zimbabwe and Kenya’s political terrain have been similar and so my analysis is not from dreamland. Zanu and Kanu have had the same political history ejecting Mps who seemed not to toe with their misrule. Both culminated by firing their Vps of ten and thirteen years respectively and fixing their choices. Kanu thereby prepared it’s political graveyard and the resultant opposition grand coalition beat Kanu hands down after 39 years of political exploitation. If this history is anything to go by, a Mujuru/Tsvangirai coalition and other likeminded parties will in 2018 uproot Zanu’s authoritarian leadership to the core and end it’s then 38 years of ruthlessness. The political landscape changes and the public don’t believe all the rights they had long been denied. The greatest threat is fear. Kanu manipulated us to the election day but from the day the results were announced, we now hear of it in the media. The two opposition bigwings should never despair. This is a God-given moment to steer the country to greater heights. I have no political interest but I know the weight of such a political yoke. God bless you all.

    1. This is the fairest comment ever. Thank you!

      I think you are right. Mugabeans has been the glue holding the centre, no one else had such brevity.

      This is the…

      *** END***

    2. Uplifting words Mr. Kenya man…but then how serious are both Tsvangirayi and the Mujuru lady? Only time will tell. Frankly both these guys are not the most inspiring…but then who in this political class of 2015 is inspiring?

  6. nhai vanhu , ndidzo nhau here veduwee? kana kuti mafungiro emunhu anemuka wekunyora mupepa nhau, zvakaoma. icho !!!!.

  7. the writer is daydreaming, think don’t thought

  8. Zvoroto zviroto!!!

  9. @Chimugoti: Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done and impossible is a word found only in the dictionary of cowards. Hold on and wait.

  10. The problem is that the writer is brazenly pro-opposition. Unfortunately for him, he casts only one vote!

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