NewsDay Facebook page reaches half a million milestone

The leading and most followed mainstream media Facebook page NewsDay-Zimbabwe has reached a milestone of half a million likes and an amazing reach of three million users per week.

John Mokwetsi,Online Editor

NewsDay-Zimbabwe is a digital platform of the popular daily, NewsDay that is published by Alpha Media Holdings (AMH) that also own the weeklies, The Standard and The Zimbabwe Independent and a regional daily, Southern Eye.

People who like our page
People who like our page

The Facebook page was created in June 2010 to give our readers a virtual sphere where theycould debate, share and engage on matters of national and social importance.

The page has posted amazing pictures and breaking stories earning the respect of Zimbabweans and the international community who rely on it to track the pulse of the nation.

With Zimbabwe’s social, political and economic situation being a subject of constant debate, the NewsDay page has grown to be a melting pot of discourse on key national and international issues.

The most engaging post for the month
The most engaging post for the month

AMH’s Managing Director, Vincent Kahiya said: “Our readers have been loyal to us hence our deliberate strategy to allow them a public sphere in the cyber space to share their views. User generated content or participatory journalism can no longer be ignored and we take it seriously.

In the past four years or so we have accommodated community voices through initiatives like AMH Voices and today the user has said thank you by traveling this road with us. We want more voices and we are now looking at breaking the one million mark.”

Top 10 Fans by Country and cities.
Top 10 Fans by Country and cities.

AMH has been a leader of implementing the digital first strategy in line with media trends that have changed the way readers consume, communicate and distribute news.

In 2013 NewsDay was announced as the winner of the Telkom Most Innovative Newsroom shaking off competition from another nominee, Africa Check,an organisation that does fact-checking on claims made in the public arena and publishes the results.
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John Mokwetsi,the Online Editor of AMH said: “Social media plays a critical role in our digital strategy. We have used Facebook to reach out to the dark corners of the country and our demographics show that we have managed to reach critical mass. Facebook is important in that traffic to comes mainly from there. The readers have given us massive support and we cannot say thank you enough.

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