Netizens respond to Mujuru,Tsvangirai plot coalition

Following the story published in NewsDay,where the Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai said they were ready to coalesce,as the political temperature in the country soars ahead of the 2018 elections,NewsDay has curated readers’ reactions from social media channels.

By Tinotenda Samukange,Online Reporter


Responses to:Mujuru, Tsvangirai plot coalition

Ngorimani says: If egos are put aside, a coalition can work especially when there is an urgent need for a solution, the coalition could be the solution. The need being to remove a failing regime. Something must happen, action is needed. Better now, because there is no other appointed time than now. The regime must fall!

CYNIC says: This thing about Joice Mujuru being kicked out of the party is something we really have to think about. It’s too good, to be true. Zanu PF is more than a party, it’s more of a think-tank. They would not risk such a development to take place by kicking Mai Mujuru out of the party, if it’s not a strategy. If the charges levelled against her are true, there were a lot of options to consider instead of that extreme stance of isolating her. People, let’s open our eyes and think beyond reasoning.Zanu PF is a party of strategists. Let’s be alert lest we fall into the trap. I believe these people are one. Logically speaking, all these people who have been booted out of the party know a lot to be just let loose like that.Talk of Didymus Mutasa, Rugare Gumbo, Webster Shamu and Mai Mujuru.



Tsvangirai-Mujuru-Mutambara at Opening of Parliament 13-July 2010.
File Pic:Tsvangirai-Mujuru-Mutambara at Opening of Parliament 13-July 2010.
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  1. I agree with CYNIC`s analysis. Tsvangirai must not rush into this coalition.

  2. The problem with Newsday is that you always want 2 delete our comments esp when l’m against the views of the editor. Pple no lönger want 2 waste their time passing comments since they know they’ll be deleted.

  3. I am so confused not sure what to believe now, is Mujuru real or Tsvangirai, what if these two are a Zanu PF project. Anyways the consoling factor is that 2018 will bring new leadership, be it Zanu Pf , MDC or any other etc , we just need change of leadership for investors to come in …..

  4. @ Anesu: Such propaganda is a common political strategy worldwide and should not be tolerated at all costs. It is a planned rumour to derail any possible plans of coalition and should be condemned in the strongest terms possible forthwith. FORWARD EVER BACKWARD NEVER.

  5. @ Man Kenya , which propaganda the coalition ???? If you mean my post , if you look at all my posts i am a mujuru staunch supporter , but after reading some posts and contacting people back home was informed that people have mixed reactions.regarding Mujuru. Probably if Mujuru comes out and answers some of the questions maybe then we can be settled . If Mujuru is real i am Mujuru all the way

  6. @ Kenya thats your opinion and you are entitled to it and i have mine, however if you look at all my posts i am a Mujuru supporter and has been rooting for her before she came out. Its just that after reading all the comments and contacting people back home , they have mixed reactions . So a person is allowed to feel the way i do . Maybe as soon as Mujuru comes out and answers some of the questions then it will settle our minds. Get this right i am a Mujuru supporter 100% but need some answers, that is normal.

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  8. definitelyanonymous

    Where is Mutambara. We also need him. Biti, Simba Makoni, Welshman, Mangoma pse join forces.

  9. hapaana straap yakadaro putsek! stupid analyst.

  10. tsvangs cannot and can never be a PF project. the Holy Scriptures say “what kingdom fights against its own self”. just march on civilian soldiers

  11. anotuka vamwe uyo imboko we need facts and solutions

  12. Why Mutambara now? The guy evaporated just as he had no ideas. He has no relevance. I support a coalition but It should be made of parties that have relevance. Some of these one man band type of outfits are a waste of space.

  13. So if they join forces, where is the corrupt didymudmus going to go.

  14. morgan dont trust mujuru on this coalation. be quick and wise wen dealing with bcoz after 14 yrs of suffering she come and say haaaaa what what. go to hell mujuru. takamama nenhamo kudhara tatojaira

  15. New Government 2018 or when elections happen:
    President and first woman president of Republic : Joice Mujuru
    Vice President: Dumiso Dabengwa
    Simba Makoni, some ministry maybe related to finance and economy
    Morgan Tsvangirai some ministry probably labour
    Lovemore Madhuku some ministry probably law and judiciary
    Ibbo Mandaza some ministry probably information…etc. These guys set the pace and open up for the incoming government that contests on clean , fair and free, meritocracy and professionalism…

  16. we need a strong force against zanu pf.if the 2 aspiering leaders realy no wat they are doing&are honest with us[people 1st],they should unite&iron out difrences now or else we can cry the last mint&gve zanu another5 years.divide and rule is their no1 stretegy&it has workd out.the sam can hapen if they are not careful.they both comand big supot home&away.this is the time 2adres leadership&proper recruit the rite people&tak note of cio.they should plan how 2campain,post elections&prepare for the worst as the main oposition party with more supot than the ruling party.they should mak use of experience&b strong enough 2face the heat.i wish them a good luck&urge them 2 take not of the counter atack eg greenbomber hav started&next is media&etc

  17. Iwe usatuka vamwe let people say what they want. Tsvangirai this is now the time to prove your capability of leading the country. Remember Mujuru is surrounded by crooks we will not give our 100% trust to the so called people first team.

  18. wamambo the Legend

    I think my Mujuru must stay away from MDC

  19. ZANU PF is controlled by the JESUITS of ROME and the opposition is also controlled BY THE SAME JESUITS.whomever you vote for will still push the agenda of their masters who are preparing the whole world for a NEW WORLD ORDER under the Papacy.None of these parties care for the people there is no hope in all of them.They care about mantaining and consolidating their power over the people.
    READ DANIEL AND REVELATIONS and you will understand kuti pasi rino rakanangepi
    seek JESUS the real LEADER

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