Mujuru is no doubt game changer

In response to ‘Mugabe has finally met his match’: Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s past still raises eyebrows as she is squarely part of Zanu PF’s misrule, which has tormented the opposition and the public for long.

By Man Kenya,Our Reader


Notwithstanding, the way she was unceremoniously fired through mudslinging and character assassination tactics through First Lady Grace Mugabe, it is evident that she has officially cut ties with both Zanu PF and the First Family.

As such, her dismissal might have been a blessing in disguise.

She is aware of all underhand methods Zanu PF has been using to rig elections and she can use that expertise to counter the same.

As such, let her and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai use their experiences to marshall any willing opposition party to form a grand coalition.

I am 100% sure that this is the future for Zimbabwe.

Any unwilling party can be left out alone in the cold.

The method to be followed to form a coalition and subsequent nominations should be above board.

Do not underestimate Mujuru.

Her experience and supporters are going to tilt the balance in favour of the opposition.

Zimbabwe’s history of being in the list of the most mismanaged countries and having the world’s oldest President will be a thing of the past.

The economy and an investor-friendly environment, not to mention democracy, are part of the greatest challenges that has faced the Zanu PF government.

It requires an expert to get the nation back on track.

Let’s support this possible united opposition for our future generations.

Our vote is our voice and our future. Good luck Zimbabwe!.

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  1. The solution to Zimbabwe’s problem lies in an unselfish and forgiving leader who has this country at heart and a true christian-period!.

    How sickening is politics!

  2. Lets not underestimate JTRM at the same time lets avoid overestimating her influence as well. our analysis and expectations should be reasonable otherwise we shall suffer some shocks on realisation of the real situation. the only split that makes sense for mdc and zanu pf is when Mugabe leave the party to form his and or when morgan leave the ship to start his own. thats the people whom the croed follows. the rest nommater how much noise they make, cannot do anything meaningful. Here we are, time is the best history teller and maker. lets wait and see as the media is trying to stock up her influence to woo supporters.

  3. If the above picture of our President is recent then Zimbabwe has no leader at all. That shape is now very very old. Kava kasekuru. Asi chii nhai maAfrican leaders.HEY!!

  4. The true change for better lies with Zimbabweans themselves.Zimbaz are a docile lot.they are not willing to make a sacrifice.freedom will not come one on a silver plate!!!

  5. am 32 3year earlier the old man was already in charge.wen i was born my grandfather was alive&pased on in father is alive&hav children under the same leader.its 2much&people are tired.

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