Mujuru can throw Mugabe out of politics

The bravery shown by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru in re-entering politics on the opposition side should not be questioned at all.

By Majaira,Our Reader

As Zimbabweans, rallying behind her could be the best thing to do because she and her husband, the late Retired General Solomon Mujuru opened the way for President Robert Mugabe to take the office he holds to date.

Voting for Mujuru is the way forward because she has the keys to unlock the doors held by the monster they created. Very few people will have the courage to challenge Mugabe as he is known for his ruthless reaction towards anyone who want to remove him from power even through voting.

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  1. Mujuru can throw Matibili out of politics, but Zimbos can throw Matibili into the dust bin of history. Dhara rinehutsinye unenge wa Hitler. Kuitabasa rekuba nekudzvinyirira vamwe. Ngariyende mhani.

  2. Every dictator must have one disloyal subject to make him sane. Mujuru seems to be Mugabe’s perfect match. She seems to give him a run for his money.

  3. But dhara iro riripapicture ndoanonzi ma war veteran kwete zvatakuona.. hanzi Hunzvi; Mutsvangwa; Chnotimba…. ooh please give us a break. The unforced attendance for his burial spoke volumes of the kind of man that he was

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