Mugabe must retire to save economy

It’s no longer a private issue to talk of President Robert Mugabe being old. The man is now a liability to the Zimbabwean economy.

By Tazviona,Our Reader


All that he is doing costs nation from all angles. It’s not that opposition parties are wrong when when they call for Mugabe to retire from office.

What Mugabe did, was too embarrassing, presenting an outdated speech during the official opening of Parliament on Tuesday.

It raises more questions than answers, because for Mugabe to read the whole speech without even noticing or remembering that it was the same one he read three weeks ago shows that he is definitely sleeping on duty.

Imagine if it was a person like MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai doing such a howler, it would have been a different story altogether. After Mugabe made such a blunder, Education minister Jonathan Moyo tried to defend him with flimsy reasons which are like telling us that the sky is green when we definitely know it’s blue.

As Zimbabweans, must we wonder why things are not changing for the better when we have a leader who sleeps on duty? Now we know the reason. President, you have shuffled the Cabinet so many times that it now time you called it a day so that a young and energetic person can take us to the promised land.

All those people who were clapping hands while you delivered the speech such as Oliver Mandipaka, Joseph Chinotimba and Mandi Chimene are bootlickers.

This time it’s not the West or MDC-T, but tell us that it’s the “Gamatox”. We are waiting for a comment like that to be delivered.

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  1. People always say Mugabe must rest, but he rests and sleeps nicely at every function.

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  3. Where there is no vision, people perish. Your vote is your voice and your future and that is what you chose. Pathetic!

  4. Jonathan Moyo and the Zanu cronies should stop peeing on our shoes and telling us that it is is raining…..wanting us to believe that their pee is actual rain. Thanks God the gravity is pulling them down under and one at a time. Who is next?

  5. This picture is the true reflection of the real Mugabe today. He is now too old. People of Zimbabwe must not be cheated that the man is ok he is now frail and tired.

  6. my father was born in 1932 and he retired in 1992. if Mugabe was born in 1924, he should have retired in 1984. The problem of having no biological children is a curse. Children can ask their father to retire and have time with them. If Patrick Mboma, a footballer could retire from football, at his peak, 33 years, then Mugabe should be ashamed.


  8. Fargin old dinosaur must go now…

  9. uhmmm mdara ngaangosiya izvi bt maybe pressure that ICCJ will prosecute him at his retitrement forces him to be in office bt ngaangozorora

  10. Chakaona hama hachisekwi. Baba ava nevarikutsigira zvakadaro ndashaya kuti mweyai. vana Moyo vatinoti vakadzidza vangabatsira nyaya dzinonetsa kudai nharo tii. Kuomesa musoro kuti ngo kuti vana vezimbabwe ngavafe nenhamo. Zvakaoma idi…..

  11. The old man should do justice to himself by retiring. Surely no one can fight against nature, nature has it that if you are old you should rest yourself and enjoy the benefits of your legacy. it’s a fact that age is catching up with our president. He must pass on the button to someone who is energetic, someone who can revive the economy. We want a person who can bail us out from this biting economic situation. The biggest problem with Zanu-PF politicians is, they don’t have a political will to solve a string of problems that are haunting us day in day out. All they can do is to grab the little that is available and enrich themselves. they don’t have people at heart at all. surely it boggles the mind to see someone flaunting top of the range cars whilst the majority are wallowing in poverty. My biggest question is, where are they getting all that money to buy such luxurious cars? Do us a favour Mr president, do not be that selfish.

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