Is Mugabe a leader or a reader

If the 91 year old Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe`s reading of a speech he read one month ago was a mix-up, the question is whose words are in the speech? For over 25 minutes, the world`s most educated President blindly read out the speech without recognising not even a single sentence from what should be his own speech from a month ago.This clearly shows that he has no idea what the speech said. He read the same speech last month, if the words in the speech were really from the Zimbabwean leader himself, he would have recognised the speech the moment it was presented to him.But he did not because he is just a reader.

By Our Reader

This reminds me of what happened in the Zambian parliament a few years ago. Where one of our beloved past presidents read out a different speech and later a different one was released to the press and Members of Parliament. During his presentation, it was easy to tell from the many mistakes he made that he was not familiar with the language in the speech. This left many of us who had spared some time to listen to the presidential speech wondering whether the president really meant what he had said or if at all he himself understood what he was reading. In the case of President Mugabe, even though he was very clear and confident as usual with no mistakes in his speech, he clearly was merely reading out loud to the nation someone else`s work. And he is a bad reader because he was reading this speech to the nation for the second time (God knows how many times he read it in private) but could still not remember having read it before?

By the way, president Mugabe will read the correct speech at a press briefing to be anounced.Again, the Zimbabwean people will be expected to listen and believe in him to continue leading them by reading speaches to them.

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  3. you have a very good point writer, however, remember that he says the same things every time he opens his mouth. a nice analysis though.

  4. None of the above!

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