Gomwe judgment today

HARARE magistrate Takundwa Mtetwa will today hand down judgment on the trial of suspended Zanu PF Harare youth provincial chairman Godwin Gomwe in criminal insult case.


Mtetwa failed to deliver his ruling on the matter yesterday as promised and told the court that he would be through with writing today.

“I am still writing the judgment and will hand it down tomorrow (today) afternoon,” Mtetwa said.


Gomwe is accused of criminally insulting war collaborator, Winnie Madekufamba and Central Intelligence Organisation agent, Abraham Samushonga over the phone at the Zanu PF national congress in Harare last December.

However, the ruling party activist denied both charges.

Gomwe, through his lawyer John Ndomene, argued that the charges levelled against him were fabricated to ensure he was out of the political limelight after the congress, as his rivals feared he was getting more powerful.

He claimed Madekufamba was aggrieved by being denied the opportunity to address the congress.

Gomwe also faces extortion charges, where he is alleged to have demanded $46 000 from a Glen Norah housing cooperative claiming he was acting on behalf of First Lady Grace Mugabe.

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  2. Because Gomwe is Zanu,he has active genes for corruption.He is a product of cultural reproduction.Chikasiya huyo chinokuya nei?

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