#AMHVoices:Relieve Dokora off his duties!

IN response to Mugabe strikes at Mujuru camp:Why is he taking long to sack Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora?

By Mambokadzi,Our Reader

Lazarus Dokora
Lazarus Dokora

He’s busy frustrating teachers and destroying the country’s education system.

He is not worried about the lives of 20 000 teachers that he intends to fire.

How many people and lives will be affected by the firing of these breadwinners?

Government policy had allowed the academically qualified university graduates to be employed, most of whom teach up to ‘A’ Level, producing very good results.

Now he views these people like outcasts and Lucifers who deserve to be blown away like chaff from the service.

I think firing minister on the grounds that they belong to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru camp is misplaced.

Under performing ministers like Dokora should be shown the door inspite of the camp he belongs to.

Not that I am saying President Robert Mugabe was wrong in relieving Andrew Langa of his duties.
During his tenure as Sports minister, Langa presided over the rot at 53 Livingstine Avenue, Harare — Zifa headquarters.

He was turning a blind eye to the Zimbabwe football to the extent that some senior teams have been failing to fulfil international assignments. Langa was supposed to crack the whip on the Zifa board. Good riddance, Langa is gone!

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  1. Dokora shld go. He has destroyed our education system. No more time for these under performing ministers. The President should quickly show him the exit door before its too late. We cant afford to let our once admired and respected education qualities dwindle waiting for Dokora to have a big belly for nothing. Go Dokora Go…..

  2. Ko ndatadzeyi, Inga ndiri kugona basa wani. Handi Gvt inofanira ku reducer wage bill

  3. Muri kuda kuti ndimudzingireyi. He is one of my best perfoming ministers. Ma teacher iwayo ngaaende kunoita zviri kuita vamwe

  4. When this guy was appointed Minister of Primary and Secondary Education everyone thought for once this was a master stroke, because the guy was a renowned educationist before. Regrettably the opposite has happened; the guy hates his former profession and everything to do with it. Teachers are working under hellish conditions at least a quarter of the teachers even if they had gone on genuine business on the day of the head count. In other democratic countries the idiot would have resigned for the mess he is causing. Apa he is busy plagiarizing the Nziramasanga document as his own……shame.

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  6. Most education ministers are full of nonsense. Remember that one who wanted all Zim schools to have a similar uniform?

  7. Minister Dokora is not the civil service commission people. He doesn’t employ teachers and therefore lets noy attack him for issues he is not responsible for. A lot of good things have happened during his tenure.I agree that the winds of change in the sector might have blown too fast for others to catch up but look the man ia one of the few ministers who is focused and innovative.The Nziramasanga report was gathering dust albeit with all the recommendations intended for the good of our education system but none of the past ministers in the last 15 years has taken the initiative to implement the contents of the report except Dokora.
    The man needs to be given time to steer the ship to the promised land. Lets not mix factional politics with sound policies which are debated and agreed on in cabinet before being implemented. So Dokora is not a loner in the decision making process he has the full backing and blessing of cabinet.

    1. My beef with Dokora is how can he allow thieving SDAs and headmasters to send millions of kids into the street with the usurious levies that they are charging in schools? What happened to the teachers’ incentives which used to gobble 60% of the levies? What are these funds currently being used for? Why is he not asking schools to account for these funds..I believe we are talking of billions here….Can this economy manage to look the other way rather than account for these idle funds (that is if they are still there!) In any case why should government schools charge such exorbitant rates like 150 dollars per term in an economy which is under deflation?

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