Zesa to switch off defaulting customers


THE Zimbabwe Electricity and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has threatened to switch off over defaulting customers on the post-paid meter system starting this week accusing them of neglecting to pay their electricity bills.


The outstanding bills have ballooned to $1 billion, the Zesa subsidiary has said.

ZETDC managing director Julian Chinembiri told NewsDay yesterday that the debt had stalled most of the power utility’s expansion projects.

“People are defaulting on the payment plans that they made. We have automated the payment plan platform. The moment one defaults on the payment plan they will be switched off. The disconnections will begin this week,” Chinembiri said.

He said when the company introduced payment plans for its customers there was a slight improvement in payments but after a while customers started to default again.

The power utility has close to 500 000 of its customers on prepaid meters and about 100 000 still on post-paid meter system.
“We have sent specifications for some more prepaid meters and we are waiting for the State Procurement Board so that we go to tender,” he said.

Chinembiri said the $1 billion debt owed by various customers that include commercial and domestic consumers had made it difficult for the utility to service its financial obligations and also to access fresh capital from financial institutions.

The debt has also reportedly stalled expansion projects at Kariba and Hwange Power Station, which are meant to boost power generation and reduce load shedding.

Zimbabwe produces 1 256 megawatts (MW) of electricity against a local demand of 1 950MW.


  1. ZESA please put everyone on pre-paid. That works perfectly. Government should speed up the process of procuring the meters. It is very unfair on us who are on prepaid when others can just use electricity without paying. Thats not fair at all. Everybody on pre-paid including companies, farmers and even government offices.

    • Raelly realistic its also more painfull for us on post paid metres being levied some unjustifiable figures and being made to pay astronomically high bills when in comparison with our prepaid peers we are worse off. with that in mind we are appealing to zesa for a fast track in the installation of their metres

  2. Why discuss further something like this?? Just switch off immediately no further discussions

  3. The ministers & big shefs should pay up first. They are the ones using the pareto principle, i.e. them representing 20% of the domestic consumers but with 80% of the total debts owed. Go after them & all your troubles will be over.

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