No going back on urban tollgates: Mpofu

Obert Mpofu

THE government will not go back on its planned urban tolling project despite protests by motorists, Transport and Infrastructural Development minister Obert Mpofu has said.


Speaking at the 2015 National Driver of the Year competition awards ceremony in Bulawayo on Sunday, Mpofu said the urban tolling project had received overwhelming support from some provinces in the country and the government would “soon” start installing them.

“Those travelling on major roads want tollgates,” said Mpofu.

“Only those in urban areas are resisting the move, but we won’t be deterred. We will soon start installing tollgates in urban areas and if you don’t like then don’t come to town. The money to be collected is not for my own use, but for the country’s infrastructural development. Those who want to detract us from this, please, note that we won’t be deterred by your actions.”

Mpofu said the government wanted to upgrade the country’s road infrastructure to match the Sadc standards.

The government has already proposed that motorists will pay at least 15 cents in urban toll fees when the exercise is implemented, compared to $2 that private light vehicles are paying on the highways.

Recently, the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration board chairperson Albert Mugabe told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government, Public Works and National Housing that there was no intention to erect toll plazas similar to those on highways.

He said the government appreciated that motorists were already burdened by heavy taxes, but because they were considering an e-system, it was possible that the tolls would not be in the denominations available of a $1 or $0,50.

The move has put the government at loggerheads with motorists who feel hard done by the decision to introduce urban tolling without their input as critical stakeholders.

According to Mpofu, the country needs about $2 billion to rehabilitate its entire road network.


  1. Which road users did Mpofu consult. We are tied of ministers who push their personal interest in the name of faceless bodies who approve your proposals. Mpofu should mention the relevant stakeholders he has consulted. Just tell us that you have no respect for the populace.

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  2. Mr Mpofu should know that $2 for a small vehicle is a lot of money motorists are already burdened now the government want to milk more money to the already burdened people. Since these Tollgates was introduced nothing is improving in terms of the road infrastructure for example Harare Masvingo road is still a death trap. If you look into that road there is 2 tollgates collecting money day and night where is that money going? As motorists we have a lot of unanswered questions.

  3. Mazidhara aye humbavha huye hwave kunzi heee ma urban toll gates heee kugadzirisa maroads heeee tinozocharger 25c zvozonzi after two wks 25c yave shoma ma dollar nokuti venenge vave kusheyana sheyana. MAZIMBAVHA

  4. I would not have problems with urban tolling if we could see the real use to which the money goes. We all want to drive smoothly but with this government, eish! We have been faithfully although reluctantly paying toll fees on our highways but nothing is there to show for it. Look at all other roads except the Mutare-Plumtree highway and you understand what I am talking about. Please government be serious with us!!

  5. Nhai Mr Mpofu, Zvatakawana nyika ino yakavakwa kwazvo, migwagwa yakatsetseka pasina makomba, iko kwaisava nematollgates, zvivakwa zvose zvakangozvinakira, vaizvigona seiko iko kwaisava nematollgates, nhasi moti munoda tollgate kuti pave neinfrastructure munyika. Lets fix the economy please! The truth is you have realised tollgates are a cheap source of funds for your salaries!

    (Mr Mpofu, we found this country well built, with smooth roads that had no potholes, yet there were no tollgates, there were even beautiful buildings and other infrastructure, how did they manage it without tollgates. Today u say for there to be infrastructure, you need tollgates?)

  6. Just sort the economy and increase tax base. You cant continue taxing the few that are receiving little at work. Now there is also a building levy where a parent with a child at an urban school that needs upgrading is going to pay a levy to build a school in an area he doesn’t even know.

    This is in addition to tax, tollgate fees etc

  7. Anoda tollgate ngaaise kumba kwake! The government has obviously failed in its mandate to deliver, and is now forcing the already pressed taxpayer for more money… Who did you even consult for input? I am a driver, and I DO NOT recall ever being consulted on this issue. In fact, I do not know of anyone who was consulted on the matter. Come 2018, we will fix this for good- majaira humbavha sterek!

  8. 2018 yave pedo, so avoid creating more enemies for ZANU PF, this time you will definitely go with you policies. Zimbabweans were promised 2.2 million jobs but more people are being retrenched everyday and these will for sure not vote for your party. More graduates are being churned out of our Universities and are being thrown into the streets and these will be against your party and many more………. Mpofu iGAMATOX rakanamira pachipfukuto beware.

  9. Iwe Obert, wave kuda tijairira manje. Which country are you living in? Hauzive here kuti nyika yakawoma. Instead of lightening the burden, you want to increase it. Remember what happened to Rehoboam, he was just as arrogant and it was disaster for Israel. So shall it be for Zmbabwe if you and your cronies think we will continue to suffer abuse in silence.

  10. Mpofu 0 Kasukuwere 10 ,the game has being won by Tyson ,he is the one who oversees urban development in consultation with urban councils .but remember,we are already paying development levies on our monthly bills to council .so mpofu you are in the wrong office bigup to tyson he will never tax us he is on our side

  11. Rambai makashinga kkkkkkkk. That’s what we voted for in 2013 they z stil more good to com up until 2018. we shal sufer the concencz of putin an X on the wrong box. Don complain ok kkkkkk

  12. Mupofu wakajaira kumora uriku ministry of mines. Zvino izvozvi shave rako rehumbavha radzokazve. Haunyare wakaita Seiko? Mageza nyika kusvika yave muswinda neku looter. Mbavha dzevanhu. Muchamutiza munyika muno. Hatirambe tinyerere. Nxaa.

  13. Ko yekumadiamonds kumigodhi kwamaive makaishandisei now that you want yematoll gates? Who are those travelling on major roads who have consented to the tolls?

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