#MyZimHero: Glenview couple helps ease water woes

“Heroes are not just those that are paraded on television. Many remain unknown, getting recognition only from those who know their work.” Unknown

This August, NewsDay is celebrating those heroes and has invited submissions from Zimbabweans to share stories of their heroes. Here is one:

97 Crescent, Glen View Area 8, Harare: In this western suburb lives a family that has helped the Glen View 8 community with water since 2008, according to Tendai Kadyamadare, who has lived in Glen View.


Inspired by UNICEF, which was sinking boreholes in Harare in 2008, an elderly couple decided to sink what was supposed to be their private water well on their stand.

“Mr and Mrs Wachi, an elderly couple, built this well a well at their home in 2008 when Zimbabwe was experiencing acute water shortages, and cholera was killing people,” said Kadyamadare.

According to Kadyamadare, the couple never stopped anyone from using this water source, and since 2008, the the Wachi homestead is always filled with people queueing to fetch water.

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“I understand that the water from the well has been tested by water authorities and was certified fit for human consumption.”

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Below is  Kadyamadare’s message to his heroes, Mr and Mrs Wachi:

“This couple have had this well for about seven years now, and every time I visit my parents place, who live next door to the Wachis, there is always a queue of men and women, boys and girls waiting for their turn to fetch water from the well, for no charge.

They are a financially struggling family that could easily have taken advantage of the water shortages in Glen View to charge fellow residents who use the well, but they do not do that.

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My wish is that well wishers help them acquire pumping equipment to help residents to draw the water in a way faster and safer compared to the current manual system.

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I was largely inspired by this couple as they have continued to exhibit such big hearts unlike many in Zimbabwe who who now take every opportunity to make money.

Instead, their generosity has surely saved the lives of people in Glen View, and helped prevent disease.

We surely need to recognise these unsung heroes in our communities.
Tendai Kadyamadare


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