Mugabe’s Mujuru jibe draws fire


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s latest attacks on the late former army General Solomon Mujuru has drawn sharp criticism from his relatives and associates.
Mugabe last Friday repeated claims that Mujuru, who died in a mysterious inferno at his Beatrice farm in August 2011, plotted against him.

By Everson Mushava

The 91-year-old Zanu PF leader said Zimbabwe’s first black army commander joined forces with former Finance minister Simba Makoni and academic Ibbo Mandaza in an effort to topple him.

Mugabe was a addressing a Zanu PF Women’s League meeting in Harare where he said Mujuru had said Zimbabweans cannot suffer because of one man.

Mandaza said Mugabe’s comments were in bad taste considering the eulogy he gave when the late Zanu PF kingmaker was buried at the Heroes Acre.

“I will not comment (on Mugabe’s allegations), but the public will draw a correlation between his attacks and the demise of the general,” Mandaza said.

“It is bad to speak ill about the departed whom he eulogised at the national shrine.”

Mujuru’s brother, Joel, poured scorn on Mugabe’s claims saying the three should have been arrested if there was evidence of such a plot.

“We never heard anything about Solomon wanting to remove the President,” Joel said.

“We don’t have any information regarding that. It is the President who has the information. But my question is, why were they not arrested?

“Even if I am Solomon’s relative, I will not comment on what the President said.”

Joel has been consistent in demanding answers on Mujuru’s death and revealed recently that the family was pushing for a private investigation.

Former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said Mugabe was trying to use Mujuru’s name to divert attention from his failure to address the economic challenges facing the country.

“If General Mujuru wanted to remove him from power constitutionally, what is wrong with that?” Gumbo asked.

“Is Zimbabwe a Mugabe dynasty that he should rule forever?

“If General Mujuru wanted to take over power, it was also his constitutional right to rule the country as a Zimbabwean citizen.”

Gumbo, who is one of the top Zanu PF leaders purged by Mugabe over allegations that they were linked to a plot by Mujuru’s widow, former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, to stage a coup, said the veteran ruler had run out of ideas.


“Mugabe is always talking about it because Mujuru was the one who made him President,” the former Zanu PF politburo member said.

“But in any case, why should we always focus on history instead of looking forward. We have major challenges of the economy as a country.”

Gumbo said Mugabe was behaving as an activist than leader of the country.

“He is always making enemies with everyone instead of looking for friends to develop the country,” he said. “He is always shouting at other people including some African leaders. As People First, we say we need everyone to rebuild the country.”

Gumbo is now the spokesperson of People First, a group of disgruntled ex-Zanu PF members who want former VP Mujuru to challenge Mugabe in the next elections.

Pedzisayi Ruhanya, a political analyst, said Mugabe’s attacks on Mujuru showed that he did not embrace democracy.

“Several questions have been raised about General Majuru’s mysterious and contestable death,” Ruhanya said.

He said it was wrong for Mugabe to make accusations against a dead person.

Ruhanya said there would never be closure on Mujuru’s death, just like that of Zanla commander Josiah Tongagara, until a plausible explanation was provided on their demise.

“Why is he beating a dead body? Why should he attack someone who no longer has the right to respond?

In fact, Mugabe is belittling himself and at the same time shooting himself in the foot. He will never undo Mujuru’s liberation credentials,” Ruhanya said.
“Mugabe is an ungrateful man. He is attacking the same person who made him the leader.

“Mujuru was civilised enough to allow a civilian leader to take over power after a liberation struggle. In other African countries, generals become leaders.”
Mugabe accused VP Mujuru of corruption, witchcraft and plotting a coup before firing her.

However, the former VP has repeatedly denied the accusations and demanded her day in court.


  1. “Mujuru had said Zimbabweans cannot suffer because of one man.” Very true and factual indeed unfortunatley we are there suffering because of one man.

  2. I remembered when Solomon Mujuru was on the National Television and said Makoni I told him not form a party and this means Makoni did discuss something. But what actually transpired is every’s guess

  3. Mwari haasi munhu asi munhu ndi Mwari so dont blame someone you dont have anything to do with him. Mai vako nababa vako pavaikusika kuti uve panyika wauri kublamer uyu waivepo here and did he contribute anything pazviri haasiiye akabata mweya wako. If you have a case against him go n face him kwete kungonyora zvisina maturo uchitsoropodza our God given Gushungo Power.

    • Udununu haubvunzwe,hunongonzwikwa nekuhumana.The man murdered,stole elections bought votes and employed Nikuv in order to stay in power and yet you have the temerity to say he is god given.Unless if the devil himself is your god!

  4. In politics there is this general rule which never or rarely fails: that he who is the cause of another becoming powerful is ruined; because that predominance has been brought about by either astuteness or else by force and both are distrusted by him who has been raised to power. Where is Mujuru today after raising Mugabe to power?

  5. After Bob’s speech at the heroes acre, this in a confirmation that this sekuru is surely EVIL
    and also a confirmation to us who were in doubt whether the General was a man of the people or not. You have heard it from the horses mouth. RIP GENERAL!!!!

  6. WE used to Sing songs about Rex Nhongo in the war… and we will continue to sing about Mkoma Rex Nhongo whether Mugabe likes it or not.

    General Solomon Mujuru was a man of the people…. Mugabe must not fool us and divert our attention from the problems bedeviling the nation. YOU rigged the elections and now you can also do the same for economy and see how practicable your evil solutions are.

    Long Live General Mujuru.

  7. This Geine guy needs to have his head examined if he continues to glorify a mortal as ‘God given’ while failing to see the damage that the same mortal is causing unto the people of God.
    I am getting to like the commentary from our friend Rugare Gumbo, he is really fighting a lone battle and i am tempted to join him actually for his bravery and nothing else.His CV is tarnished by having been part of these people he is now criticising but i think he is a better Devil guys.. dont you agree with me?
    Saka are we saying the history and contribution of the Mujurus’ should be obliterated from our history books because somebody thinks they wanted to plot against him? Vakomana, lets be serious, infact someone should start writing the correct history lest things will be distorted very soon. History will show that there was one person, and only one, who has always been politically correct, while the rest were busy either plotting against him or eulogizing his name. Hameno! Mwari ndiye anoziva.

  8. Where are the police ? Our long arm of the law has been compromised by this ZANU government. Honestly, there are serious questions this Matibili needs to answer. He should be under arrest by now ! This nonsense must be stopped ga’a dammnit !! Is this a president or a criminal ? Do me a favour, Zimbos surely need to stand up to this, such utterances are by no means in error, Mugabe holds vital info which our people should know. Evil to the core!!

  9. What do we benefit from hearing about the bad blood between Mugabe and the late General ?? We are born frees yet we continue to suffer in a land that so many people sacrificed they lives for. Is this what post era independence has to offer land grabs, unemployment, looting of natural resources Chiadzwa being the worst looted after independence shame on those who support this. What will become of Zimbabwe when you no longer exist leaving your mansions and looted gains when will enough be enough.

  10. Mujuru, Makoni and Mandaza had plotted to over throw the gvt ???? So you decided to kill him before he could do what was in your mind???

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