Mugabe disowns job cuts directive


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s office has denied responsibility for the mass retrenchment of workers by parastatals after the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) said it was under pressure to use a recent Supreme Court ruling to reduce staff.


ZTA chief executive officer Karikoga Kaseke this week said they had received a government directive to cut down on employees.

Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba yesterday told NewsDay that as far as he was concerned, the move by State-linked institutions to fire workers was not government policy, but “came from a head of a parastatal”.

“That came from a head of a parastatal, it did not come from a government official,” Charamba said.

“You can check with the Tourism ministry assuming they gave out such a directive.”

Tourism minister Walter Mzembi was not answering his phone yesterday.

Key State enterprises, some of which have been battling to stay afloat, have latched on the Supreme Court ruling to terminate worker’s contracts on a three months’ notice and without benefits.

Institutions that have sent thousands of their workers home after the Supreme Court ruling include CMED, Zinara, Air Zimbabwe and the National Railways of Zimbabwe, among others.

Although Mugabe has come out condemning the law being used to “retrench” workers, State institutions have joined the bandwagon firing employees willy-nilly.

Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday posted on his micro-blogging site, Twitter, that Cabinet never directed State institutions to fire workers using the three months’ notice law.

“It’s a lie that government has ordered job cuts in parastatals and Kaseke ain’t a reliable source . . . he can’t say it’s a Cabinet directive not least because he knows he does not speak for Cabinet,” Moyo said.

The majority of the parastatals that have laid off workers over the past few days fall under Obert Mpofu’s Transport ministry.
But Mpofu yesterday distanced himself from the job cuts at parastatals under his ministry.

“These companies are run by boards with chairpersons, I don’t run boards, I run a ministry,” he said.

“You are being used, why are you linking me to this? Are you saying the 18 000 are under my ministry? We have the least people affected.”

The Supreme Court ruling has caused uncertainty among employees who no longer have job security.


  1. Political considerations versus economic reality on the ground.Things are just falling apart,the country is slowly but surely drifting towards a failed state.We need God’s timely intervention but the Almighty helps those who accept that they erred in adopting ruinous policy decisions and aggressively embark on reforms that would stir the country out of its present economic rancour.

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  2. Thomas Mapfumo akazviona zvese izvi akazviimba achipa nyevero isu tikati anopenga, apera. Ndivo maporofita chaivo ava.

  3. What should be scrutinized are the causes of these job cuts and not the inevitable results. Criticizing the results is a futile attempt to escape reality.

  4. Zanu PF government has never done anything wrong , they are the best you can see how are economy is performing , soon they will say the job cuts are being caused by sanctions , the ministers are refusing their duties , Obert who appoints and approves the boards , i think you are not suppose to be a minister , Its a cabinet directive you will never fool us , are those workers on the board payroll or on the ministry payroll , its better you resign , Charamba and Jonso we know you are good at turning the truth into lies and lies into truth , you are liars , we will never listen to you , Kaseke said the truth .

  5. If you are a Minister you hear that in your ministry people are being fired without your knowledge you have to find out what is happening and stop the madness. Old man is just a toothless dog he thinks talking politics will help him come 2018. This retrenchment of people is also going to be his retrenchment as a President after all he is now too old for the job. We are tired of Hondo history. The first Civil Servant who deserve retrenchment is the oldest President in the world. What is the retirement age in Zimbabwe? Who should give people example?

  6. Hazvina maturo. Vanity, all is vanity. Bob must go, the situation has gone to the melting point apaMahoso naJona vakatarisa.

  7. who is in charge. all parastatals are govt controlled. people dont want to accept the responsibility that they have failed. 2013 we were talking of creating 2million but we are already losing them at an alarming rate

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