‘Mugabe address a non-event’

President Mugabe (FILE PICTURE)

MOST Zimbabweans yesterday seemed disinterested in President Robert Mugabe’s State of the Nation Address at Parliament Building, as they continued with their business outside the august House seemingly oblivious and indifferent to what was happening.


At 2:28pm, Mugabe’s wailing motorcade appeared at the corner of Nelson Mandela Avenue and Sam Nujoma Street, and seconds later his black limousine and several support cars that included military vehicles and an ambulance, followed and parked outside Parliament Building opposite Africa Unity Square.

Mugabe’s parliamentary addresses are usually characterised by fanfare and a large turnout of Zanu PF kongonya dancing supporters and singing members of the Apostolic Sects clad in their traditional white robes.

This time, a deathly silence, however, greeted Mugabe.

The rear-gyrating and drum-beating Mbare Chimurenga Choir was also nowhere to be seen.

Most people around Africa Unity Square interviewed by NewsDay said the hush that accompanied Mugabe’s entrance in Parliament epitomised the dark hole that Zimbabweans found themselves in.

“I am not really interested in the speech.

“I do not see him giving any solutions to the economic problems,” said one disinterested passer-by at Africa Unity Square, who declined to be identified.


After exchanging brief greetings with securocrats, among them Defence Forces chief, Constantine Chiwenga, Chief of Staff in the Zimbabwe National Army, Major-General Douglas Nyikayaramba, Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri, head of prisons Paradzayi Zimondi, Central Intelligence Director-General Happyton Bonyongwe and an unidentified member of the Air Force of Zimbabwe top brass, who was probably standing in for the absent Perrance Shiri, Mugabe sauntered into Parliament to deliver his speech.

As he walked over the approximately 20-metre red carpet, which was spread for him at the entrance of Parliament Building, the nonagenarian’s security surrounded him as if he was in an elaborate human enclosure, making it almost impossible for jostling journalists to take any pictures.

Then he was gone.

There was no giant television outside Parliament to broadcast Mugabe’s address.

In the past, a giant screen would transmit live Mugabe’s address to enable people at Africa Unity Square to follow proceedings.

Security details prowled the environs of Parliament Building, some of them armed to the teeth.

Ironically, the speech was delivered opposite Africa Unity Square, where abducted activist Itai Dzamara used to hold his one-man demonstrations, calling for the veteran leader to step down.

And true to form, Mugabe never mentioned Dzamara in his speech.


  1. Mugabe aimlessly continue to hang on to power. Zimbabweans reasoned out that it is him who is the source of their suffering, it is strange how Mugabe can sacrifice the well being of so many people only for him to continue to rule. Mugabe is evil.

  2. l wish l could see Mugabe in his bed asleep. l just wonder how he manages to get thru the night & wake up at peace with himself every morning

  3. mugabe has failed .people in zimbabwe should do something.zvinhu zviri kuramba zvichisunga.tosvikepi tichitambura.

  4. Zvakunetsa kubva vakomana. He sees it but what can he do now it is too late for him to leave. Imagine to say I have failed when people have been telling hom for the past donkey years kuti you are a failure and visionless but he kept faith in bootlickers who kept lying to him that his is a visionary leader.

  5. This piece together with Mugabe’s speech are non events. Chidza does not tell us how Mugabe’s speech was a non event and what would have made the speech an event. Shallow journalism here.

  6. The problem is simple.You cannot isolate a whole section of your own people from participating in the economy and expect miracles. I do not know why the President failed to see that his performance depended on the quality of his cabinet and that it is not about who showers you with praise but who is frank with you and who delivers results. Even now, Zimbabweans have solutions to the economic problems but the ministers are not interested in listen to other people. They think if they have no solution then no one else has. Other ministers overrate their capacity and abilities and they fail to recognise that they are not in those positions because they are smarter than the rest of Zimbabweans. There are very brilliant Zimbabweans who could make a big difference if they got the opportunity. Ndambakuudzwa akaonekwa nembonje pamhanza

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