Ministers to take advantage of London investment forum

Mike Bimha

ZIMBABWEAN ministers will use an investment forum in London next month to articulate a framework for joint ventures and allay fears of investors on indigenisation legislation, the organisers have said.


Mike Bimha

A high- powered delegation led by Industry and Commerce minister Mike Bimha will take part at the Zimbabwe Trade and Investment Forum on September 22 as the country steps up efforts to lure foreign investors.

The forum will be held at international law firm Stephenson Harwood LLP offices.

Other ministers that will attend the forum are Simon Khaya-Moyo (Economic Planning and Investment Promotion) and Obert Mpofu (Transport and Infrastructure Development).

Other speakers billed to attend are Zimbabwe Investment Authority CEO Richard Mbaiwa, Homelink board chairman Moris Mpofu, Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries president Busisa Moyo, Zimbabwe Stock Exchange CEO Alban Chirume and former Mwana Africa CEO Kalaa Mpinga.

“The ministers will be looking to articulate the framework for joint ventures and value-addition initiatives and engage with investors and their views. They will also de-mystify the indigenisation and economic empowerment programme, highlighting the win-win partnerships that the Zimbabwe government is promoting,” said organisers of the forum, CMG International Media Group.

The delegation will also meet representatives of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Community to encourage them to actively contribute towards the country’s economic development.

CMG International Media Group — Zimbabwean Business Impresario Louis Charema, told NewsDay participants would be drawn from the UK investment community that include private equity firms, investment advisors, investment bankers, hedge fund and asset managers and legal advisors.

Participants will also be drawn from infrastructure development companies, investment banks and private investors or high net worth individuals.

Zimbabwe has been warming up to investors with the British Embassy in Harare urging British companies to consider investing in Zimbabwe as there were “encouraging signs that the government is softening its stance on indigenisation and developing more investor-friendly policies”.

In a monthly report for June, the British Embassy in Harare said the policy shift offered UK companies an opportunity to increase trade and investment.

“A number of international firms, particularly but not only from BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa] countries have begun to make serious investment into Zimbabwe given high return opportunities,” the embassy said.
Two UK trade missions visited Zimbabwe in 2014 and early this year to scout for investment opportunities.

Last month, the British Embassy in Harare, in collaboration with Standard Chartered, held a two-day capacity building workshop for public and private sector specialists in Public Private Partnerships implementation.


  1. Good luck. As long as you tell investors that they will lose 51% of their investment I doubt very much your success no matter what “packages” you have lined up. More so, if the constitution and rule of law are trampled whenever it suits those currently “ruling” and the prez keeps making racial remarks I doubt that you will succeed gentlemen. But you have a chance to shop around in one of he most efficient societies in the world – a pity you have closed all opportunities to learn from them!

  2. Ministers will take advantage of the forum alright..they are on a paid holiday..They will make all the right noises and then go to LUNCH!!!!! This would have been OK except for that the lunch will also include London hookers, unabridged shopping and FUN and GAMES> This sojourn is just a waste of scant and scarce resources…Please call it what it is..A FUN RIDE!

  3. With the much touted indegenisation policy and incoclusive land reform programme one would expect government officers to at least PRETEND to be serious. This trip is a TASTELESS joke. Why not save the funds and use them to clear the air on the two thick as smoke issues raised above? The policies as currently pronounced are as clear as mud..even they can not tell the head from the tail how are the so-called investors supposed to? If the roles were received would these government officers give funds to an outfit like the one they are heading? Seriously..

  4. With the recent land invasions I doubt whether this venture will yield any results. Just read about the Goromonzi farmer holder of an offer letter whose farm has been invaded and was made to leave behind everything he has worked for including his personal property. Surely Zimbabwe lets put our house in order for us to be able to attract meaningful investment.

  5. The British are not stupid.
    They know that whatever the may invest in ZanuLand will be stolen or extorted from them.
    The mafioso buffoons never honor ANY Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements [BIPPA].
    Zanu pf brainfarts love to travel and pretend to be moral and intelligent .

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