I won’t be part of Cecil the lion sideshow, Ncube tells CNN

ALPHA MEDIA Holdings (AMH) chairman, Trevor Ncube says Zimbabwe has a lot of pressing issues to worry about, including a troubled economy, job losses and the disappearance of a human rights activist to focus on, refusing to be drawn into discussing the killing of the famed Cecil the lion.


In a Twitter exchange with American news channel, CNN producer’s Emily Smith on Sunday, Ncube declined to grant an interview on the killing of the lion, insisting Zimbabwe had more urgent issues to discuss than the killing of the lion.

The discussion started when Smith asked Ncube for an interview about Cecil the lion to which he responded: “I have nothing to say about Cecil the Lion. Lots to say about Zimbabwe’s economic situation”.


Smith insisted that what Ncube had said was exactly what they wanted him to say, but he remained adamant, reiterating that he would not talk about the lion.

“On condition you agree I will put the phone down the moment CNN mentions any animal which is not human being,” Ncube shot back.
Ncube said it was important for Africans to tell their own stories.
“Please don’t talk to me about Cecil the lion,” he said.

“Talk to me about how we find Itai Dzamara and how we help vendors.”

Activist Dzamara has been missing for close to 150 days amid suspicion he may have been abducted by state agents.

AMH, publishers of NewsDay, The Zimbabwe Independent and The Standard, are leading a campaign for the return of Dzamara.


With Zimbabwe’s economic growth prospects revised downwards, many believe the media coverage of the death of the lion is an unnecessary sideshow and diverts from the country’s more pressing issues.


Cecil the lion was killed early last month by an American dentist, who lured the beast out of Hwange National park before killing it and triggering a global backlash.


Most Zimbabweans response to the killing has been of indifference.

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  1. I share his sentiments.

  2. I agree with you Mr Ncube but I also think cecil “s issue is an important one.remember wild life is also part of the heritage to be bequeathed to future generations we owe it to our children to protect all the flora and fauna as our fore fathers did otherwise they will be nothing for us to view right now if all the fauna had been destroyed.

  3. aah shumba yakatofa,munhu akafa kana ,,,,,kuuraiwa u dnt evn care n nyaya yacho inotsikwa tsikwa.u shld be supoz talking abt jobs ,economic vanhu varikudzingwa basa asi ur stl talkn abt an animal bt us pple we are suffering and that lion cn kill anyone nm


  4. aah shumba yakatofa,munhu akafa kana ,,,,,kuuraiwa u dnt evn care n nyaya yacho inotsikwa tsikwa.u shld be supoz talking abt jobs ,economic vanhu varikudzingwa basa asi ur stl talkn abt an animal bt us pple we are suffering and that lion cn kill anyone mt


  5. Can you view flora and fauna with an empty stomach?I valued human life more than a mere animal.If Dzamara`s issue was given this attention,he would have been found by now.

  6. Very simplistic way of thought from Trevor here, if we take a step back, look at the bigger picture, we will see that Cecil the lion, Dzamara, Vendors and the list goes on all share one root cause. Go figure

    1. Simplistic are you sure? One root cause, but what is more important here? Is the lion more important than the person. Why is the lion getting more attention than the people who are supposed to look after the lions.

      1. Incidentally a lion mauled a 9 year old boy to death in Hwange just a few weeks ago, and not even a whimper was heard in the media…. surely????
        This can not be right…

  7. be forcus nehupenyu vevanhu mabasa economic.u dnt even care us.pple are being killed bt hamuzvitsvage.it is far much dangerous thn even a person and it can kill nmttr who u are.i dnt thnk that its imprnt.

  8. I would like CNN to go around Zimbabwe and do the interview with people from all walks of life.
    They are going to find that no one is interested or even care what happened to Cecil.
    Zimbabweans has far more pressing issues that they are unperturbed to what happens to a mere Lion.
    Average Zimbabweans in their lifetime will die before they ever encounter a lion.We do not even wish to encounter Cecil or any other lion because whenever that happens it means death.
    We are actually very surprised at how a lion can be so important to the world.
    While we humans can live under the conditions we find ourselves in we are shocked at how the world is worried for our lion.
    Then we ask the world to forgive us as we just do not share the same sentiments were Cecil is concerned.To watch lions in African Safaris is a luxury we can’t afford until then give us a break.

  9. you need to think

    caring about one issue doesn’t preclude the other. But I will forgive you for your very linear thinking, it must be hard under the circumstances. However as someone has already mentioned, the Cecil issue is very related to all your other issues- it all has one root cause- think about what that root cause is for a minute if you are able. I will give you a hint, it has to do with corruption.. Solving this issue will help bring all other issues to light as well again try and think for a second. so as hypos can see this lion issue has a common root with other issues. Be happy that it has been brought to light and again try and think in a bit more sophisticated a manner.

    1. The root cause may be the same, but when something that is important to our neuroses (Human Rights/Dzamara) is relegated to an afterthought in an interview about a secondary (yes secondary, ask the millions of Zimbabweans) issue like the killing of a lion, then I applaud Mr Ncube for declining the interview until that priority and order is recognized.

      1. We cannot work backwards, i.e, from Wildlife conservation then eventually, hopefully, to human rights and the economy…

  10. Trevor you dead right. If we all disappear like Itai, who will watchover/watch Cecil? Lets put our energies into finding Dzamara. Thanks.

  11. Trevooor akosha!!! But i totally share his sentiments, shumba yakatobaya iyi. The human right atrocities done by the Americans in Iraq are not even an issue…smh Trevor smh!!!

  12. ah y shld we worry abt a lion wn we are epmty stomach. with the current economic how many zimbos have many to have a tour to c lions. varume tsvagai mabasa

  13. silas musiyiwa

    Truelly Ncube dont talk about it unless they want to talk about worsening economic situation here people are being retrenched willy nilly

  14. ndabezinhle mtetwa

    Many lions have been killed before as indeed many will be killed in the future. Lets reflect on why the killing of this one lion is such a big issue. This story is not about killing of lions per se, it is about the killing of Cecil.

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