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Hosiah Chipanga spits venom

POPULAR local musician-cum-politician Hosiah Chipanga spat venom on the country’s Heroes’ Day commemorations held on Monday.

POPULAR local musician-cum-politician Hosiah Chipanga spat venom on the country’s Heroes’ Day commemorations held on Monday saying if deceased liberation war heroes knew what would become of the country they fought for, they would probably have chosen not to go to war.



In a Heroes’ Day message posted on his Facebook wall, the Mutare-based Kwachu-Kwachu singer wrote that the current economic environment undermined the objectives of the liberation struggle.

“I want to thank all our freedom fighters, the chimbwidos and mujibaz (war collaborators), dead and the living, for the great job they did to liberate us. Thank you all. Moreso, I would like to thank our colonisers for making Rhodesia a country worth fighting and dying for,” he wrote.

“Had it been as what Zimbabwe is today, no one would have thought of fighting for it. If the dead would rise today they would sure demand back their lives and return Zimbabwe to Rhodesia, for they never died to make the country poorer, never for their children to be beggars in other countries.”

Chipanga questioned if any sane person would have fought for a country that would end up with no basic amenities such as running water and a local currency.

“Who in his or her normal sense would have fought and died for a country in this present status? I wish the dead would rise and see for themselves what their blood has brought to their families here present,” he said.

Chipanga, who leads the Messianic Apostolic People’s Inspired Prophetic Institute (Mapipi) church which he recently turned into a political party, yesterday told NewsDay that his Facebook post was an expression of his bitterness at the situation in the country.

With over 25 albums, the sungura musician rose to fame with the album Vapange Chipanga, which carried the hit song Ndagaya. The gifted lyricist, however, stunned his legion of fans after he launched a church at his house a few years ago.