Gumbura’s appeal postponed indefinitely


THERE was drama at the High Court on Wednesday when lawyers representing RMG End Time Message founder Robert Martin Gumbura and the Prosecutor-General’s representative were locked in a showdown over how to proceed with the imprisoned pastor’s appeal against his 40-year jail term.

Charles Laiton

The heated argument between prosecutor Editor Mavuto and lawyers Tapson Dzvetero and advocate Sylvester Hashiti started in court just after judges of appeal Justices David Mangota and Felistas Chatukuta had adjourned
the court and instructed the counsels to come to the chambers for the way forward.

Tempers almost flared when Mavuto accused the lawyers of not being fair to him by not advising him in advance that they intended to make an application for postponement of the matter. This was after Hashiti had applied to the court to have Gumbura’s appeal postponed indefinitely saying he wanted to file heads of argument in respect of four appeals and also to have Gumbura’s matters consolidated before arguing on the matter.

“It’s news to me that they are seeking for a postponement of the matter and I wonder which matters they want to consolidate because there is another matter which has nothing to do with the current appeal and the other matter is yet to be finalised at the magistrates’ court,” Mavuto said.

Hashiti and Dzvetero, however, apologised to Mavuto for their failure to notify him of their intentions, but insisted they wanted Gumbura’s matters consolidated and be dealt with at once as opposed to “piece meals”.

“We want to have the matters consolidated and at the same time we are still waiting for the outcomes on our applications that we made at the lower court. We made several applications including a constitutional application,” Dzvetero said while talking to Mavuto.

The lawyers’ sentiments had, prior to the court’s adjournment, been echoed by the judges who felt there was need for a holistic approach to the matter which they later postponed to the third term.

Gumbura was in March last year slapped with a 50-year jail term by Harare regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya who convicted him on four counts of rape and a count of possessing pornographic material, but suspended 10 years on condition of good behaviour.


  1. PP Mavuto don’t be dismayed by this. God respects no person in all nations. He found his angels with error and if the righteous scarcely escape, how shall the ungodly? God’s instruments are in place. I urge all RMG End Time Message believers to study the Spoken Word ‘Going Beyond the Camp’ and please God. God minds a person more than angels, you are expected to mind God and not a person. There is confusion of faces when God is not happy. There is no need to appeal until God opens. God closed that chapter until the accused turns back to God. This is his last chance. I love the man Gumbura as a human being with right to life but the Voice of God cries against SIN in the last days. Remember, the way of an unrepentant sinner is hard. Adultery is an abomination to God and it was punishable by death and what about NOW! Judge for yourselves? David committed adultery and repented and God had mercy on him! He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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  2. A good one Ziii, Going beyond the camp is an inspiring msg. They also must be taught the EXACT location of the camp from which marriage and divorce was drawn. Let him, know that he doesn’t need to go out of Chikurubi as proof that God has forgiven him. The prison of sin is the one he must be pulled from. He can still be forgiven whilst serving his sentence. Let him receive the gospel with hope from The Advocate with the father the man JESUS.

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