Dzamara family threatens Mugabe

Missing human righs activist, Itai Dzamara’s family has threatened massive protests within a week if President Robert Mugabe ignores their petition seeking the veteran ruler to order whoever was holding him hostage to release him.


The Dzamaras, Itai’s brother Patson and the activist’s wife Sheffra, yesterday petitioned Mugabe and Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda demanding the President to make an order for Dzamara’s release.

“In the event that you choose to ignore my demand and request, I shall engage all progressive Zimbabweans within a week and protest in various ways against that in a civil, peaceful and resolute manner as provided for within the Constitution,” Patson wrote.

“It defies logic and reason for my brother to disappear without a trace in a nation that is not at war and allow that to go unnoticed and unquestioned.”

Dzamara was allegedly abducted on March 9 this year, making it 168 days since he was taken from a barbershop in Glen View, Harare, by as yet unknown assailants.

“I am, however, concerned and disturbed by the stance assumed by you as the Head of State and by your government,” the petition read. ads Ads

Missing activist Itai Dzamara
Missing activist Itai Dzamara

“In terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, which you swore to uphold, defend, obey and respect, you have done little or nothing to observe Section 90 (2) (c) that mandates you to ensure protection of the fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rule of law. To date, you, as the Head of State and your government have done little to assist us as a family to, at least, come to a place of closure.

“In fact, your spokesperson George Charamba indicated that the issue of our missing family member is too small to bother you, a sentiment we felt was irresponsible, insensitive and unfortunate.”

The petition added: “Although Itai Dzamara openly opposed your government and some of its policies, his security and right to life remains a direct and unquestionable responsibility of your government.”

Patson said there had been suspicion of the involvement of State security agents in his brother’s abduction and that position has not changed.

“As you might be aware, Sir, Itai Dzamara petitioned you to step down for failing to run the country well, according to him, and since that day, he had been receiving threats on his life from security agents and he was subjected to serious torture at the hands of the ZRP (Zimbabwe Republic Police) and other private sources within your Zanu PF political party,” the petition read.

“. . . that as the Head of State and Government, you order whoever is keeping Itai in captivity to release him immediately (and) that as the Head of State and Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces, make a commitment and public announcement that the State security agents shall intensify their efforts in uncovering the mystery surrounding Itai Dzamara’s disappearance and making sure he is released immediately.”

Patson said government and relevant ministries should take the responsibility to engage the Dzamara family and the nation on the matter the same way it engaged whoever was concerned when Cecil the lion was killed.

Mugabe, who today will present the State of the Nation Address, is not expected to speak on the Dzamara issue that has dented the country’s image in the eyes of the international community.

Foreign embassies have been at the forefront of demanding Dzamara’s release, an issue that has left the Zimbabwean government red-faced.

Opposition MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said Zimbabweans should not expect much from Mugabe’s speech.

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  1. boring boring boring Dzamara issue, we are tired of it.

    1. wait till one of yours disappear.

    2. uyahlanya???????

    3. you are a moron

      1. Be careful what you people are saying.
        1. In America, a Californian, girl was kidnapped for 16 years before she was finally found by police. The US government took 10 years to find Osama Bin Ladin. So it is not that easy.
        2. It may be a just a MDC-T staged fake-kidnapping to create trouble since MDC-T had already boasted that they would be force Mugabe out of office before end of 2015. It may be still according to their plan or their plan had unfortunately gone horribly wrong.
        3. Itai Dzamara had played with fire & created millions of enemies. So his family should stop blaming the President had said he knows nothing about what has happened to Dzamara.
        4, Democracy is NOT even necessary. China, and Singapore became very prosperous economically after strong (even fatal) crackdowns of lawless trouble maker activists. Remember Tienanmen Square?

  2. HAHAHA More proof that the whole thing is A DESPERATE mdc orchestra

  3. Dont be heartless guys.if was your brother missing how would you feel?

  4. Tenge nene usable ka uyihlo esifa. Lina abeZANU lilawaphi. You were given some money to say that,so it looks like it’s not everyone who believes Itai was abducted. Yes it’s not everyone becoz the insane like you take the anomaly for normal. Ungengelamsila!

    1. I mean uzahleka iyihlo esifa.

  5. it is sad for someone to disappear but some people want to gain political milage using Dzamara issue ,i read most stories with people who are disappearing including kids ,then what special about Itai alone ,hey stop poor politics ,,,,thank you

  6. at yahwe but if someone demonstrates against a sitting president ,is regularly beaten to pulp by policeofficers and then suddenly disappears there is reason enough for everyone to be concerned.

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  8. isue has been politised, lakes sense.

  9. fomer mdc member

    tsvangirai must release dzamara. if efforts fails stop dirt games.


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