Chihuri claims credit for stopping MDC-T


POLICE Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri has all, but confirmed that State security agents played a critical role in stopping the opposition MDCs from dislodging the ruling Zanu PF party from power and brutally thwarted opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s’ “regime change agenda” since 1999.


Speaking at his graduation ceremony at the Mt Carmel Institute of Business Intelligence in Harare where he was conferred with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree on Saturday, Chihuri said the details of police’s brutal purge on opposition activists formed part of his thesis titled Policing in Zimbabwe, Pre-Colonial, Colonial and Post-Independent Zimbabwe.

He accused the main opposition MDC-T of trying to use violence to unseat Zanu PF, but said police managed to keep it “at its minimum.”

“The Western-funded opposition parties wanted to cause chaos in the country and this needed a ZRP (Zimbabwe Republic Police) that was firm and the force kept violence at its minimum,” Chihuri said.

He said his thesis had 40 chapters focusing on the role of the police in the pre- and post-independence era including his era at the helm of the ZRP.

“There was an illegal regime change agenda and policing under the inclusive government was neither easy,” Chihuri said without elaborating.

Chihuri blasted the “illegal sanctions by the European Union and United States after government undertook the land reform programme”, saying this compromised the operations of the force.

Opposition parties and civic society groups have often accused police of being partisan and biased towards Zanu PF.

Chihuri was one of the three graduands who were conferred with a PhD. The other two are Timothy Chivinge and Samuel Makore.

Forty-five other students graduated with diplomas in Business Intelligence among them Assistant Commissioners Garikai Masocha, Panganayi Sande, Matembo Nyirenda and Elliot Muswita.

Senior Assistant Commissioner Abigail Moyo and several members of the Central Intelligence Organisation, Air Force of Zimbabwe and others from the corporate world also graduated at the same ceremony.

Rector of the institute Professor Mufaro Gunduza said the country needed business intelligence for the economy to tick.


  1. 40 chapters? what a thesis. Normal theses dont have so many chapters surely. If you have so many different subjects addressed one begins to question the depth of the study. PH is not about the size of the thesis, but the depth of the enquiry

    • I also asked the same question. Most universities use the IMRAD approach to a PhD thesis: Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion. While there are other approaches here and there, there is no way a doctoral thesis can be 40 pages. I think he wanted to “40 pages”, which again renders it useless.

      • Your IMRAD approach looks suspect since it does not have a literature review section/chapter. Standard number of chapters in a thesis is 5. Parts which number upto three, with part one focusing on introduction, Part 2, literature review and methodology, part 3, results presentation & discussion, and conclusions and recommendations

        • You may be right. This is why I said approaches differ with universities and with discipline. The lit. review normally falls under Introduction.

  2. The God that Chihuri purports to worship is watching. He has seen everything. It is a sad thing when there is no fear of God. it actually becomes very dangerous for a person. 99% of violence in Zimbabwe has come from ZPF. His thesis is a joke. I suggest he repents. God will NOT be mocked. Like it or not MT was voted in 2008. And God knows it! And all the violence came from one place! ZPF! The blood that cries out from the ground is heart by a just God.

  3. This is a sign that the country is in the hands of poor leadership. Chihuri should resign from being a national Police man and join the Politicians. Being a commissioner you are not suppose to be partisan but in Zimbabwe it is deferent. Giving each other PHDs is now the order of the day these days.

    • where was he all this time vamwe vachidzidza, kukundwa naDr Amai vakatora in 3 months PHD yavo!!!! Gore rino!!!

  4. Fake PHD, fake virginity, fake hair, fake nails, fake bums, fake complexion, fake licence, fake, fake, fake, fake

    • Ha ha ha! You forgot – fake stories in Herald, DeadBC and their radio stations. Fake support from fake supporters, fake voter’s roll, fake progress. Even the Chinese offer us fake “love”. Is it not a surprise that we have reached a dead end. Madofo ese avakungonzi vakadidza ivo vasina kana O Level chaiyo.

  5. all u want in zim can happen in 1 day.u get a PhD wthout attending any university. miracle babe.miracle phd

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