Change school curriculum: Mnangagwa wife

Auxillia Mnangagwa

CHIRUMANZU-ZIBAGWE MP Auxillia Mnangagwa (Zanu PF), has called on the Ministry of Education to urgently overhaul its school curriculum and focus more on technical subjects to enable pupils to acquire self-sustaining skills.


Speaking at the Midlands provincial prize-giving day last Friday, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife said the country’s education system had been criticised for producing half-baked graduates who could not translate their theoretical knowledge into practice.

“Our education is often criticised for failing to produce graduates who are useful to society, but what I have seen here tells me that this will be a thing of the past,” she said.

“The As on the certificates have to be concretised so that we can begin to see the pupils and graduates inventing life-changing machinery and technology, which will uplift the status of Zimbabwe and its people on the global arena,” she said.

The MP also called on the business community to invest in home-based inventions, which were tailor-made to address the challenges faced by the local industry.

“Quite often, we are forced to import simple technology from foreign companies and this puts a strain on our import bill.
Simple items like maize-shelling machines, which can be designed and manufactured locally and will be affordable to the farmer are sometimes imported because we don’t have local industry which supports inventions by our young pupils,” she said on the sidelines of the event.

She also warned pupils not to engage in acts of indiscipline following the ban on corporal punishment.

“Government has said no more corporal punishment in schools and what do we see, an upsurge in cases of indiscipline in schools but let you be warned: The Bible says the wages of sin is death but I say the wages of indiscipline is ignorance,” she said.

Regina Mundi maintained the top spot with a pass rate of 97,1%, while in the primary schools category Bata, Shabani, Maryward, Kwekwe and Fitchlea schools were tops with a high number of pupils attaining four units at Grade Seven.


  1. SWhatbare her qualifications if I may ask. We used to write cambride examinations which were worldwide meaning we were at par with the rest of the world, but the curricula they want is to indocrinate our kids.

  2. The Rhodesians used to separate the academically gifted and the practically gifted and had schools which catered for different gifts then we wanted everybody to do subjects needed to be a doctor when I have failed even Grade 7 instead of sending me to a practical school. When it was done we called it segragation but it was done to skill us as God gave us the gifts.

  3. Mrs Mp the prblm here in Zim these student nomaly they are denied to hv attachments for their faculty due to the closure of companies.hence its a gud idea for the students to venture into technical studies

    • the little ones who got opportunities for internship are proving to be a thorn in the flesh. very painful to work with at more often they are used to shortcuts. especially so those doing commerce programmes. You take an aspiring accountant for internship you wonder whether u have taken a degreed person or a form 6 student. There is need to shift towards more practically oriented than mere academics. Reason why professional qualifications are ruling the roosts in commerce its because they got some strong standards which enable the production of a fully baked professional graduate. we want to see that in schools esp institutes of higher learning.

  4. now you see the sense of having innovative engineering from our own people what did you do to CHONGOMA ……….You shot him down in broad daylight for his innovation. Now you want to change we want curriculum that helps our children invent …….go on do it

  5. I am not surprised by such banter coming from this woman. I am sure she wants all subjects she flunked in school to be replaced by knitting, cooking, washing, butt leaking and so forth.

  6. Mrs VP wake up! The curriculum has already been changed. Where were you when these happen nhai Amai. We are being led by people who are sleeping for sure.

  7. The problem is she want other people children to learn what they want and yet their children are learning Cambridge abroad. it shows that our life is in danger of stupid leaders without a clue of how to run a country.

  8. a country full off carpenters and welders. that takes us back to 1850’s europe. We should develop centres of excellency for our survival. we need scientists, engineers and doctors to move forward and find or own cure for malaria, elephantiasis etc. carpentry won’t take us far.

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