‘All set for ZimFirst party launch’

FORMER opposition MDC-T’s United States-based chairman, Maxwell Zeb Shumba, yesterday said all was set for the official launch of his new party, ZimFirst, in Harare next month.


Shumba told NewsDay that his political outfit which started off as a pressure group before transforming into a fully-fledged party in April this year, had the keys to turnaround the country’s comatose economy.

He said the party was also prepared to join hands with other ‘like-minded’ political parties.

“It is a new platform that welcomes new ideas and runs on fresh legs. We promise honest, accountability and united governing that is driven by a vision to rebuild Zimbabwe as a modern developed nation,” Shumba said.


“To achieve this objective, we have brought together technocratic Zimbabweans from throughout the world and developed think-tanks to formulate strategies that will move Zimbabwe into the future.We are also willing to work with any people and parties who share our vision.”

He, however, took a dig at the country’s fragmented opposition parties for perpetuating Zanu PF misrule by failing to forge a formidable alliance to challenge President Robert Mugabe’s governing party.

“The other political parties have proven that they do not have the will of the people in their interest, and that they cannot move the country forward,” he said.

ZimFirst national chairperson Thabisile Ncube said her party had already set up provincial structures throughout the country.

“We are ready. Everything to ensure that the launch is a success is going on well. We have also managed to set up provincial structures in all the country’s provinces,” Ncube said.


  1. Stupet time westers.

    1. its interesting to hear some people talk and some of us we judge people by what the say for from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. In so doing many have exposed “self”. Let it be known to you Tsvank ZimFirst has the keys to bring sanity to the ailing, crumbling economy of our country Zimbabwe. Your party MDC-T has a proven record of failure, the irony of it all is you have even gave yourself the name of your egocentric selfish power hungry boss. It’s time to wake up pal. Come 2018 we will see who is “stupet” as you wrote.

  2. Benzi reku America. You think you can just wake up one day and remove Cremora and Dr Stopain just like that? Do you aware how long Tswankleson has been waiting? You want to grab the meet from his mouth? You?

    1. Kkkkkkkk lapdogs, am surprised there are some people who still worship a failure. This is a new wave, fresh ideas, fresh legs, brick by brick we will rescue Zimbabwe which Tsvangson failed to do over a period of years. Be objective for once Gonyet. Tsvangson might have been waiting for long and can still wait, it’s about having a vision people focussed not that selfish, power hungry egocentric freak.

  3. Obama Kasukwere

    This Zeb guy is wanted here ib America for a number of serious feauds. He also stole money when hw was chairman. Then he ran away to hide. Iri ido fo

    1. If he is wanted why can’t they arrest him since he is in america ,whose money did he steal

      1. It’s is very unfortunate that MDC and Zanu Pf think they alone should rule. Muzorewa negotiated fir the prisoners to be released including Mugabe out of jail. Mugabe was not a leader of the party may it be told. During 1979 in London, before the signing of who was to lead the Patrick Front, Mugabe went to Tanzania to negotiate with Nyerere. Facts will be released of how usurper is President today without having any spent a night in the bush. Those who truly fought and liberated this country are not the ones talking the most. It’s reported that Zanla bombed the fuel tanks in Southerton, another lie. Chinotimba ss everyone knows is not a war veteran most of these people are opportunists who were refugees some in Zambia and others in Mozambique. The number of people killed to make way are too many to mention. The raise to power was truly bloody. But that was in 1950s and this is 2015 we surely need to debate and defeat each other on policies not who has the biggest gun is the sheriff.

  4. @Gonyeti its unfortunate you think the Zimbabwe story is about personalities, whose meat are you talking about Zimfirst is not about one person taking power but priotising our country first and its people for the good of the future of Zimbabwe and ,As stated Zimfirst will work with everyone who is ready to get Zimbabwe working again Nyika vanhu ,vanhu ndiyo Nyika

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  6. @ Gonyeti its not about who has been waiting for such a long time, its not Morgan who has been waiting but its Zimbabwe in the spearheading of Tsvangirai who has failed for almost 2 decades. It’s about our collective aspirations and future as a nation. It is about us Zimbabweans. Yes, Mugabe and Tsvangirai have played their part in the past, both positively and negatively. It is now time to look beyond these two mortal men and seek to take our potentially great
    nation forward. It’s time for fairness, accountability, inclusiveness and respect . Yes, it’s time for us,it’s time for you and me, Yes it’s time for Zimfirst. For once, let us prove the world wrong and do something right not only for ourselves but for posterity.

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  8. It’s about time we put all our hands together as a nation and demand change Dr Shumba you will never walk alone

  9. ´´He said the party is prepared to join hands with like-minded parties´´.
    If i look closely almost all opposition parties,MDC-N,MDC Renewal,Renewal Democratic Party,NCA and MDC-T,including this ZimFirst have all split from the original MDC because of personality differences.If this guy ran away from MDC-T and has worked before with all these people in these opposition parties,how then is he going to work with these so called like-minded parties.
    All these hocus-pocus abracadabra circus-cum-political parties will not be taken seriously by any serious minded people.

  10. Mr Think tank we dont need more confusion in Zim.We need selfless people to unite and have one strong political party which will unseat Zanu.If Prof Ncube was not selfish MDC was going to win over 2/3 in 2008.They were supposed to put their difference aside and fight ZANU.You must ask Maduku ,Biti,Mangoma,Dabengwa,and other clowns who tried to run their Parties they wil tell you ithat its not easy to run a Political Party.

    1. Zanu was not started by Mugabe and most of the funding was not from Zimbabweans. So to start talking as if running of a party needs geniuses, is wrong. Running a country is not like running a political party, no wonder Zimbabww is in such a mess. Party monies mixed with Treasury and blurred lines between Party and Government Structures.

  11. Sick and tired of these useless small parties which devide the people .A serious politician will put more effort in bringing opposition parties together

  12. dreaming is allowed

  13. watmore makokoba

    the reason why Mr Shumba has left MDC and whatsoever petty political parties is the same reason why those parties have dissimally failled,those same reasons he foresaw and left the defunct masquaredes are the ones that had made the parties to fail.so to me i think he is right minded ,but the problem with zimbabweans is we get accustomed to problems to an extent of externaling pain and giving up on hope easily.Thats why we can not support any one who come up wth new ideas.VIVA ZIMFIRST

  14. with all these parties coming on board, I fear 51% will be a nightmare once more. we head for 27 june rerun come 2018

    1. 60 per for Zimfirst then you share the rest

  15. It’s quite interesting how people see things, we have a failed opposition and failed leader of opposition, a failed state and failed government now comes the hope of a new dawn for Zimbabwe then people start making noise. This then takes me to failing citizens, why can’t you face reality and do the right thing for the good of our country? Tsvangson has had many resits to change the situation in Zimbabwe but is still failing, all he needs now is to go to a vocational school of politics to learn how to do things the right way so as to succeed. Better still Tsvangson is welcome to join ZimFirst and you never know he might end up being an MP for Buhera honestly his former Chief Political Strategist Dr Maxwell Shumba coz of his caring heart wouldn’t do him any harm which Tsvangson himself is trying to do. Food for thought for the MDC-T camp and all sympathisers of Tsvangson. Let it be known to you all Zimbabwe is a nation it isn’t about one person hence ZimFirst, I urge all of you to get this. Like they say in football no player is bigger than the club it’s the same here no man/woman is bigger than the people.

  16. Dr shumba Zimbabwe is behind you…I like the fact that you have united Zimbabweans in the diaspora n at home giving us fresh hope zanupf is self destruction n mdc has lost credibility…zimfirst zvazvinhu

  17. How can he bemoan the fragmented opposition parties when he is adding to the same. If he didn’t want a fragmented opposition then he should have joined the existing parties and not form yet another one.

    I find it interesting that everyone forming their own party claim to form the next govt but with more than 20 parties good luck.

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  19. Thats the way to go Dr Shumba. We are fully behind you. We need our lovely Zimbabwe.

  20. ivhu kuvanhu chete chete

    Who said there is no democracy in Zimbabwe, except Tsvangirai. In America there are only two parties namely: Democrats, and the Republicans who alternate as de-facto a two party-state. And, to a good measure their policies are one and the same, and they fool their citizens into believing that their country is a multi-party democracy. The same is true with Great BRITAIN, THAT IS, there is the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. The two countries’ policies are hinged on Patrioticism, nationalism, sovereignty. Unilke our local opposition MDC Parties, who are a bunch of Professional Traitors, who all right thinking Zimbos will never trust them to lead us; can never alternate power with the largely nationalist outlook ZANU (P.F.) Our oppsition parties delight in taking bribes from our ersthwile former colonisers espicially UK, USA, AND Europe to the chagrin of Zimbabwean citizens. ZimFirst confirms to the International community that democratic space is available in Zim. I say welcome the home Zim politics.

  21. Zimfirst the party for people Dr Shumba we behind you come 2018 dont worry about people who benefit from Zanu pf thats why they try to blackmail you so that they keep on benefiting while ordinary Zimbabweans we are suffering both in Zimbabwe and outside Zimbabwe enough is enough Viva Zimfirst Viva

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  23. Vhivha Zimfirst……Every masterpiece has to go thru a hall of critics

  24. Patria o muerte venceremos. Fully behind you Dr Zeb Shumba. Fresh ideas are now needed to revive ZiZimbabwe’s economy and have new progressive friends. Look esat policy has failed so lets look forward. Hasta la victoriam victory is certain.

  25. Kudakwashe Matizira

    Viva ZimFirst Viva, thank you Mr Shumba for leading the way. We need real change, a party with people at heart.“The other political parties have proven that they do not have the will of the people in their interest, and that they cannot move the country forward,” well said. You starting shacking the mountains now. We will give full support Mr President. Viva ZIMFIRST

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  27. Dr Zeb Shumba all the way he is the way the truth and tomorrow,he holds a key to our promised bekoved motherland,our land lacks development,left right centre poeple are dismmised from workplaces and we believe it avoidable if properly planned watch the space Viva Zimfirst Viva

  28. Dr Shumba’s story is that of a leader who has the people at heart. He is a beacon for democracy. He has approached political parties in Zimbabwe to forge an amalgamated opposition on countless times and for a long time, whose sole purpose was to remove a regime that has mutilated the Zimbabwean economy to bits. Some people throw comments without any think process to them, without reading the background, without reading what is on offer. Shame on you for blocking Zimbabwe’s salvation. Ask your leaders of the various opposition parties you come from for they have consistently responded to his plight to unify the opposition with statements like, form your own MDC pvt ltd, you are not relevant, you are in the States hahaha, but have refused his idea of a unified force when he wasn’t going to gain anything. You are foolish and unwise just like your leaders. Zimfirst is an option to Zimbabweans who have the brains to see salvation when its knocking at your door. Now no one will say he is irrelevant when he starts again to preach of a unification, a collective of Zimbabweans who want to put their differences aside and save Zimbabwe. He has managed to forge a platform that gives confidence not only to investors local, or foreign but to all Zimbabweans the world over. His voice is reaching out to people with solutions, lets call for unification, lets come together on the unification table for which he is the Godfather, he is the final voice.

  29. ZimFirst is different. People like myself have never participated in politics because fir 45 years there was zero interest for me to do so. Many reasons. But when a President thin that he and his family are the only ones who are capable to lead and the party which has destroyed this country want to continue with the status quo, I said it’s now time for me to stand up and be counted. Zanu Pf denied some of us opportunities because we were of the wrong tribe and wrong generation. So my generation was considered too urban and a threat to the village born leadership of Zanu Pf. But now they have the money and their kids speak properly and we are the outsiders once again

  30. This sounds like People First testing waters. Kkkkk. People at heart? From mere words? Have we seen any manifesto to conclude its relevance? Kana taguta nyemba…

  31. This is just an extension of zanu pf. Everytime wen are now heading for a home rum , some stupid cretins start dividing the voters ? Why why ! Tinokuzivai kuti murikushandiswa ku patsanura ma vote . Nxaa

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