Zim has lost 20 yrs – Mnangagwa

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has conceded that Zimbabwe has fallen far behind other countries in terms of development, saying the government needs to swallow its pride and review some controversial economic policies to attract foreign investment.


Speaking in an interview with CCTV, the Chinese national television broadcaster, last week during his week-long visit to the Asian country, Mnangagwa said government will have to literally “bite the bullet” for the country to catch up with its African peers.

He said the Zanu PF government was “working on a massive reform process,” including social and legislative frameworks, “to bring Zimbabwe back to the table of nations”.

“We must know that investment can only go where it makes a return so we must make sure we create an environment where investors are happy to put their money because there is a return,” Mnangagwa said in the 30-minute interview.

“In fact, capital will go where it finds comfort, so we need to do that, create an ease of doing business environment.”

Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe also needed to go through a vigorous reform process as happened in China following the death of the late communist dictator Mao Zedong in 1976 leading to its near-miraculous transformation into the world’s second largest economy inside three decades.

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“We have to see how we can create an investment environment which will attract the flow of capital,” Mnangagwa said.

“These are the tasks we face and we have to look at even legislation and our social systems need to be reformed in order to catch up with current global trends.

“So we are looking at the reform measures that China has gone through to help us move forward.

“But of course we are very careful that it is important that we remain proud as a nation and as a people.

“We will not do anything that removes that pride because as a people we are independent and sovereign.”

In what could be the most open and candid assessment of Zimbabwe’s current state by a top government official in the past few years, Mnangagwa elevated to the Vice-Presidency following a vicious power struggle, said the country was nearly two decades behind other nations in most aspects.

“You cannot say there are areas of our economy which we are happy with, infrastructure we are behind by 15-16 years, agricultural development the same, manufacturing, in fact capacity utilisation in some areas of our industry it is down to 20%, so again we have to retool by acquiring new machinery, technology and machinery so that we are competitive,” the VP said.

Mnangagwa also seemed less excited about the much-vaunted “mega Chinese deals” signed by President Robert Mugabe last year.

“The President signed several important and big deals, because of the size of the deals they cannot come to fruition overnight, but I am happy that several of them are making progress,” he said.

“All this process has to go through tender according to our laws, so we are grateful that progress is there, but we will see as the tender process unfolds, we will be seeing full implementation of these deals,” Mnangagwa said.

The State media had gone to town prematurely celebrating the signing of the deals as a panacea to Zimbabwe’s plethora of problems.

But Mnangagwa seemed to hint at special treatment for Chinese companies to win the “tenders”.

“Kariba South Extension is already making progress, Hwange 7 and 8 the bidding process has been done and again a Chinese company won the tender for the construction of the 600-megawatt plant,” he said.

“The second constraint is that these deals lend themselves to a model of financing depending on whether they are joint ventures or built, operate and transfer.”

However, Mnangagwa could also not miss the opportunity to throw in the usual “sanctions mantra” blaming the targeted measures imposed on Mugabe and his inner circle by the US and European Union over accusations of rights abuses and electoral fraud for the “constraints that the economy suffered in the past 15 years”.

Zimbabwe’s economy has been in a tailspin since the turn of the century with critics blaming Mugabe’s “scorched earth policies” including the doling out of unbudgeted payouts to former liberation war fighters and an ill-advised involvement in the Democratic Republic of Congo civil war towards the end of the 90s.

Mugabe’s administration then fell out of favour with the country’s former colonial master Britain after he embarked on land reforms meant to redress colonial imbalances, but which turned into an orgy of violence and murder as well as displacements of thousands of farm workers.

The political crisis led to the collapse of the agricultural sector, manufacturing followed before the national currency also went bust with the rest of the economy as well as the country’s social fabric.


  1. Qawe laMaqawe

    Thank you Ngwena, Murambwi for finally seeing the light and this can be the beggining of the road to prosperity especially when only 3 days ago SK Moyo also revealed the plunder that could have taken place in Chiadzwa. We can only correct were we see mistakes where made otherwise we remain on a tailspin and get overtaken by Malawi of all the countries bakwethu not to mention South Sudan. Let us forget the tired “sanctions” mantra especially when we realise that we also lag in agriculture where we were the leading light.

    1. Chawakadya Chamuka

      In 1980 China had a GDP per capita of about $980, the same as that of Zim at the time. Today, China’s GDP per capita is almost $4000 and Zim is regressing at less than $700 per capita. Our comrades do not have the brains to take us forward and no matter how many policy changes they make we are sunk with this team. Zimbos have to bite the bullet and effect the regime change that ZanuPF likes to talk about, that is the only way out of this mess. The Chinese know that and that is why they are reluctant to commit meaningful amounts of cash.

      1. mugabe iz e revolutionary icon.thats wy iz th current AU CHAIRMAN.why did AFRICA choose hm?

  2. A bit of depth is required editor. He had to through in the sanctions mantra because he would leave himself open to criticism at home. In Shona it’s called kuruma uchifuridzira.

  3. So it has finally dawned on our leaders that we need to introspect and change in order to be relevant in this wide world!

  4. in other words mnangagwa is saying i wish mugabe was out of my way to do the right thing. i think a number of zanu people are saying that. the unfortunate thing here is that the old man is here to stay and after that lady grace will take as we see that even he mnangagwa takes notes when she is giving directions. welcome to zimbabwe.

  5. Some Kind of Amazing

    Just another Jarrod, if you ever watched The Pretender!


      “Nyika vanhu” sings Pastor Rusike. If you destroy people’s livelihoods, you are destroying the nation. ZANU (pf) destroyed resources through Murambatsvina and our Parliamentarians are anointed again by the devil to repeat the demolishing game in the name of vision 2025 to further corruption and 2018 political advantages. This country is highly taxed and money collection agencies and systems erected by the government are sickening the very nation because such funds are recklessly spent on non-nation centred projects. The industry is down because of the ZANU (pf) policies. If President Mugabe comes open like how his wife has done when she is disatisfied, he should just spell out his mind on the general populace of the country and leave no doubt. VP Mnangagwa is trying to amass support together with Hon. Saviour Kasukuwere. Guys, the country needs people centred policies. Build your people by supporting them, build the nation.

  6. This paragraph below is very telling, but Mnangagwa has to take the gloves first against Dr. Amai.

    “Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe also needed to go through a vigorous reform process as happened in China following the death of the late communist dictator Mao Zedong in 1976 leading to its near-miraculous transformation into the world’s second largest economy inside three decades.”

    1. I was about to point out the same, Ngwena admits that there is a dictator blocking progress at the helm, unfortunately we have to wait for his demise to start transformations!!!kkkk

  7. If we spent the money wasted on planes and foreign trips on growing crops that is only a hardship on a few wealthy people, why not start there?

  8. Finally the coin has dropped. 35 years. Mnangagwa is already facing the wrath of Dr Fugu as he seems to be singing from an opposition hymn book. It is reported Dr. Fake is now working with the G40 mafikizolo. Ew wait and see how this pans out.

  9. Very good facts and points if only they will be implemented. Which is very doubtful. First and foremost you need to resore sanity and rule of law in the country. It has so gone out of hand that it scares away would be investors. People dont feel safe anymore with what they have worked for. I wonder whether there will come a time when prosecutions will be done on any corrupt activity any intimidation, any threat just to name a few.

  10. ko mugbe haagoni kuskyper here some of the meetings and save money

  11. gunguwo rinoona

    Gunguwo makaipa. Munogona kuzo kuvadzisa ngwena kkkkk

  12. the vp is starting to talk sense now ,its a good thing thou from such Lambert statements like “im trained to kill ‘ such statements have no hope for a tarted economy , well ,well there seem to b light in he vp gwena , murambwi thou if he keeps seeing the positives

  13. Sweet words we have all heard before covering lies with smiles and false promises

  14. vivian v siziba

    Voice of reason coming from the second in command, but time for action VP,time is not on our side.

  15. Do we really have to wait for RGM to die like the Chinese waited for Mao. I think we are to far gone and the time t act is now. Its time to bite the bullet, true, but how. Rule of law must be respected and all the corrupt Ministers demanding bribes to approve investments brought to book. Property rights must be respected and all those who took over progressive companies in the name of indigenisation must restore them to their rightful owners. If government is so concerned about indigenisation why not start by revitalising the state enterprises which they looted like NRZ, Air Zimbabwe, Zisco Steel, Hwange Colliery, Kariba power station just to mention a few.

    1. burn dem chichi man,illuminast,jesuits,c.i.a_barack obama,goerge bush family,morgan tsvangirai nd nt forgeting tht th blair tht i no iz a toilet.

  16. Wise words from Ngwena but we don’t have the time to wait for RGM to kick the bucket in order for zim to progress. Rigorous socio and political reforms need to be implemented coupled with economic policies that attract Foreign Direct Investment. We have fallen far too behind and the time to act is now.

  17. The demise of Zimbabwean economy was solely caused by power greed Zanu-pf leaders let alone Mugabe, who destroyed all mechanisms, derailed and turned the former bread basket of Africa into Gushungo dairy. We al know power is sweet buy 35 years its too much considering his age frail body and pale face like a vampire. How many companies closed because of populist policies in the last 20 years. Kasukuwere destroyed Jaggers when everyone was watching, Solomon Mujuru became the richest man from ill gotten wealth, Including you Mnangagwa not forgetting the god father of corruption in Zimbabwe Mugabe, because Iam not sure if his estates pay tax.In a nut shell Mnangagwa should just say Zanu-pf backtracked Zimbabwe with 20 years.

  18. President Blessings

    is this a campaign by VP, really??

  19. Oh so you didn’t know this until now. Under your tutelage as ZANU-PF you destroyed the nation. I wonder whether that is what you fought for in the war of liberation. You have made Zimbabwe a laughing stock and we do not expect much from you Ngwena

  20. Thank you for coming on board the Chunks train. Morgan had been saying this change thing countless times. Your only problem none is that libidinous whore masquerading as s Dr. Be very carefully what she says is gospel truth to hoards of your not very wise supporters. She only has to say..” Munhu iyeye arikufamba achiti…” then “stop it” and you are gone the Mutasamujurugumboziyambimliswa bhasikitimuchena way.

  21. “… on board the Chinja train…” sorry the keys have a dislike for indigenous lingo.

  22. Really can we wait for someone to die inorder for transformation! Corruption all over ; abducting innocent civillians .Killers and people abusing their political positions to enrich themselves.Act now ! President doesnt necessarily responsible for our country problems NO .His followers warikungohukura every time pasina chirikugadziriswa .Shame!!

  23. Really can we wait for someone to die inorder for transformation! Corruption all over ; abducting innocent civillians .Killers and people abusing their political positions to enrich themselves.Act now ! President doesnt necessarily responsible for our country problems NO .His followers warikungohukura every time pasina chirikugadziriswa .Shame!!

  24. ….following the death of the late communist dictator…..
    1. The LATE dictator DIED!
    2. This statement is off-quote in the article, so it’s not clear whether the Crocodile did say DICTATOR
    I’d have preferred more clarity bcz that is where I and fellow readers like the most, as indicated by the comments

  25. The otherwise good observation was marred by the reference to “remain proud as a nation”. If policies were formulated with that pride in mind and they backfired, what then. Sulk in the pride whilst losing the glory? Any policy which backfired needs to be atomically examined and thrown very far away so that we don’t ever waste another 35 years like we’ve done so far.

  26. enough is enough for these guys, their time is over they failed us fullstop.time for fresh air. like what happened in Moza and Zambia

  27. So amazing is how quick these pple become normal after being flushed out of zanu pf. Chavabvondokera manje vaakuda kuita vanhu kwavo. After 35yrs of pretending to b mad nxah….

  28. SO he had to go to China to make such a speech which should have been made right here at home at a campaign rally. Last time l saw Mr Gukurahundi Mnangagwa leading apologists on a rail line & showing them how he planted bombs & blew up trains but never did anything to resuscitate it later on. I wonder the impact of such a speech when seeking investors. No investor will listen to promises of fixing an investment client, Investor want you to fix first then they come & see if its worth it. Did the killer go to China to discover that we are 20yrs behind & then wrote a speech in bewilderment after seeing Chinese development. Is what hes saying in line with Zim-ASSet..quite the opposite. Does Mugabe share his crocodile tears sentiments. This is a hollow speech. Until we see action on the ground this is just cheap talk, just like a man telling his girlfriend that he ll marry her just so he can get into her pants. It doesnt work

  29. moregenius machinge

    Let me say yes to everything you say doctor, but I know is a very one ideology to have our country renovated. But the these sanctions played a wrong part in our loved him. No one to be blamed here we were protecting way is ours.so it time to rebuild our nation. Education played a big role from this. I love yr ideologies guys.

  30. The question is why did we lose 20 years. That’s almost a generation. It’s unforgivable and someone should be made to pay!

  31. kkkkkkk rmmber R.G is nt running fr 2018 sm pipol ar biz advertising their names

  32. They had no option since it was Zimbabwe,s turn to head .

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