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Zanu PF MP warns of civil unrest


NEWLY-elected Mpopoma-Pelandaba MP Joseph Tshuma (Zanu PF) has pleaded with government to swiftly act on the decaying economy and arrest the unabated company closures especially in Bulawayo.


Tshuma, who won the seat last month after the MDC-T recalled Bekithemba Nyathi for joining the MDC Renewal Team, warned that the economic collapse was a recipe for social and political unrest.

Delivering his maiden speech in the National Assembly yesterday, Tshuma said the state of the economy, especially its industries, was worrying and now required all political parties to put aside their differences and help the country “get out of the woods”.

“If you look at industry in Bulawayo, it has closed down and most of our youths are now jobless,” he said.

“The recent dismissal of workers by companies has serious effects on the country and I urge the Executive and us as Parliament to work hard and find a solution to this.”

Tshuma singled out the National Railways of Zimbabwe, saying its collapse had left many people destitute.

“If you look at what is happening to the National Railways of Zimbabwe, it really affects people from my constituency,” he said.

“These people have gone for months without being paid. As members of this House, we must always try to find ways to solve this problem.

“We must put the interests of our people ahead of the interests of our political jackets.”

Zimbabwe’s economy is collapsing with Bulawayo, once the industrial hub of the country, fast turning into a ghost city.

Tshuma said besides halting the closure of companies, government must act to restore energy availability as well as attend to the decaying health sector.

“Our health system is in a sorry state. If you look at Mpilo Central Hospital and UBH (United Bulawayo Hospitals), you will understand how bad things are,” the MP said.

While Tshuma was making his speech, MDC-T lawmakers were busy insinuating that his observation represented a Zapu element in Zanu PF.

This forced Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda to order Ruth Labode, one of the MPs who was overheard making the remarks, to withdraw them.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly yesterday passed the Gender Commission Bill, which seeks to establish mechanisms for the creation of the Gender Commission and how it will operate.

The Bill will now be tabled in the Senate before President Robert Mugabe signs it into law.

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  1. Surely Hon Tshuma,your Party enjoys absolute majority in Parliament and,if it decides to turn this country into a continental economic super power,it can simply do so by adopting investor friendly policies.

  2. you just joined zanu in order to be in parly otherwise your thoughts are of the mdc. otherwise you shall take a five year nap the moment you start enjoying the fruits of looting with obert and saviour.

  3. Surely Zanu PF controls stolen majority in parliament but lacks a clue to stimulate industrialisation, they are busy gullivanting and looting…We are watching you, All youths and adults of Zimbabwe rise and take up arms and fight for your future or you will be left with no future at all.

  4. Surely you didn’t join Zanu PF because you thought it had credible solutions to grow the economy but out of greediness. So spare us the “good talk” Tshuma sela.

  5. This man has great vision and is not all that malicious as most Zanoids are. His ideas are of MDC-T in nature so to speak.

  6. I bet the MP is now aware he is traveling on very shaky ground and he may not last in ZANU..He spoke like a member of the opposition..that said, he said some home truths which sadly no one from his side of the benches will take seriously. Interesting statements all the same.

  7. A breath of fresh air and a break from the chorus of blaming everything on sanctions. But ungaqalisa ukugcwalisa izikhwama uzakhohlwa abantu

  8. Honorable Tshuma is objective. Whether MDC or Zanu Pf all MPs in Parliament are our MPs as Zimbabweans. They are representing us Zimbabweans. As we comment lets have a spirit of togetherness. No one owns an idea. No one owns a passed law. Lets we be objective. Lets not divide our leaders.

  9. I guess those who labelling him as a MDC T or Zapu don’t want to see Bulawayo prospering. They are the people fuelling tribalism. Let the truth be told. Bulawayo is dead. We need people like you Tshuma and Tshinga Dube to revive Bulawayo. MDC T failed. Just ignore these MDC and Zapu people. You are Zanu PF member Tshuma don’t be silenced by those people. Becareful also it might be our own friends in Zanu PF trying to silence you.

  10. Tshuma …………Tshuma and i will say it again Tshuma !stop !stop you bloody uneducated idiot!who is fooling who here?.don’t even for a split second pretend to be caring for my town…’THE CITY OF KINGS’.Allow me to give you a piece of advice …honorable Tshuma …1 day when you and your crazy centurion filled party leave (Since every kingdom rises and fall….(check history) ) and are arrested by the united people of Zimbabwe for crimes against the electorate,looting my beloved homeland,corruption,killings and all kinds of unthinkable idiocies you and your cronies have been cited on believe me you…seriously you don’t wanna face the people’s justice!!!!we will rise to your amazement ‘Mdala’!tell me something ..Did you join this sinking ship called Zanu recently?Then if i were you i would resign the sooner i read this because the end is nigh ndoda.Every one including Dis-grace Mugabe will face the mighty full throttle of the arm of the law.WE ALL KNOW HOW ALL THIS WILL END!

  11. Well said MP. I only pray that your colleagues in parliament also share this view point. Am sure if we all work hard asZimbabweans; we shall overcome. Without judging, i feel we should notcriticize where rspect is due

    Thanks Hon. Hope together we shall walk the talk

  12. Do not worry MP . People in Zim do not want MPS like u because you see too much like the MDC . We are used to ZANU PF way of mismanaging the economy that is why we help ZAN to rig elections. Otherwise you area Mujuru cabal . It is unusual to serve the interests of the povo since you got that post to loot . Concentrate on looting otherwise you are going to leave that seat empty handed. That is why even if a donkey were to campaign we still facilitate it to win on a ZANU Pf ticket. Rememner that you have joined thieves and what you are doing shows that you are a sell out like MDC-T

  13. I clearly respect the people who voted this sound minded man to represent them as their MP.This is the urgent message of the time,as plainly stated by the Honourable MP.

  14. Zvakafanana both of these political parts wil nver ever n ever take zim from madhaka. They wl keep on looting.imboko

  15. Joining forces with zanu is a non event they have FAILED US THE LAST 35 YEARS ITS TIME FOR NEW BLOOD .Also remember during the time of GOVERNMENT OF NATIONAL UNITY. GNU ,these zanu people and MUGABE himself used to say” CHIMHUKA CHINONZINZI GNU CHIRIKUTADZISA ZVINHU KUFAMBA ZVAKANAKA” So they did all they could to stand alone and incharge .WHY NOW ? This Tshuma guy is being used to make us think what he is [they are] saying is the way forwad.YOU HAVE BEEN IN POWER FOR 35 YEARS ,YOU HAVE NOW MESSED YOUR OWN PANTS AND YOU WANT US TO WEAR WITH YOU YOUR DIRTY STINKING PANTS GO TO HELL WITH YOUR SINS .As of the MP if what you are saying is realy realy what you mean from the bottom of your heart runaway from that sinking stinking ship.

  16. This guy is one of his type in zanu pf .But also i would want think he has undermined his own party becouse everyone includinng his elders know already the state of the hospitals and industries in the country,therefore his utterances about it now might leave many people with a question mark ,on where he realy is standing to utter such statements.[ i will take him as HYENA IN A SHEEPS COAT]

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