Zanu PF Mashonaland West acting chair booted out

ZANU PF provincial executive members in Mashonaland West Province yesterday passed a vote-of-no-confidence on acting provincial chairman Ziyambi Ziyambi accusing him of being dishonest and failing to prepare the groundwork for election of a substantive committee.


Ziyambi was booted out after 27 out of 50 provincial executive members who included MPs, central committee and politburo members voted against him. The decision was sealed during a meeting held at the party’s provincial offices in Chinhoyi.

Party sources said Ziyambi was being removed in favour of flamboyant businessman and central committee member, Phillip Chiyangwa who refused to comment on the issue yesterday.

The provincial Women’s League also resolved to recall MP Joani Tsogorani from Parliament accusing her of manipulating her election under the women’s quota system.

Tsogorani also serves as provincial vice-chairperson.

Ziyambi is accused of being dishonest by misrepresenting facts to First Lady and Zanu PF Women League boss Grace Mugabe about the state of affairs in the province. ads Ads

He reportedly received a serious tongue-lashing from Grace over allegations that he attempted to block her from presiding over the launch of a housing scheme in Kadoma two weeks ago.

Ziyambi is also said to have refused to endorse Angela Muchemeyi as the Mashonaland West Women’s League chairperson, a move that reportedly angered the First Lady.

But Ziyambi, who spearheaded the expulsion of former provincial chairperson Temba Mliswa, has accused party members of campaigning for his ouster.

“They have always wanted to lead the province at whatever cost and those are the people going behind my back,” he said.

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  1. What goes around comes around

  2. Chaonekwa nemumwe nhasi mangwana chiri kwauri. Seka chirema wafa. Do onto others what you would like them do onto you. No evil deed will go unpunished. Cibi cilaya kucibi. Gone anagone wake. Zyembela beelene, impongo. Katuya junza tubone zimbi!

  3. The way it is

    Welcome to the wilderness brother Ziyambi!

  4. Seka urema wafa

    The chickens are coming home to roost

  5. You thought you were the best , ZPF mafia belongs to Mugabe chete , others he can move you around whenever he feels . Temba was elected by people and you were used to remove him now its your turn , seka urema wafa . you deserve this . Soon you are going to be recalled and booted , its nice for you pall

  6. ras i eazy gadaga

    Why cry foul now,Ziyambi?have a taste of your own medicine!dindingwe rinonatsa richakweva rimwe,kana iro rokwevewawo zvonzi mavara angu azara ivhu!Kkkkk!

  7. nhasi ndithemba mangwana ndiziyambi nezuro ndimujusta matsaga ezanu anorongwa madiro nagrace mugabe iwo akanyara mazigwara ekupedzisira

  8. Ziyambi and ndafara. hauna brain look wango fanana na temba wawakadzinga. zvinonzi tamba waka chenjera. kkkkkkkk

  9. Chawana mudzako chapita, mawa chiri kwaiwe. Wakaura Ziyambi!

  10. This “going behind my back” will continue for a long time.

  11. Mugman you have said it all brother/sister and I will not not speak kkkkkkkkk

  12. zvayambazvayamba or zvatangazvatanga kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk wanyaaaaa buter majarini

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