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Woman claims protection order against ’insane’ neighbour


A HARARE magistrate yesterday entered a verdict of temporal insanity in a matter where a woman had approached the court seeking a protection order against her neighbour whom she accused of attacking her each time she got “possessed”.


Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza advised the alleged assailant Susan Nhamburo and her mother Jane to go and consult their medical doctor.

He said they should report that Susan had stopped taking her prescribed medication and to possibly suggests a mild dosage if they felt the one she was taking was causing her to react wildly.
Nyatsanza’s advice came about after Janet Kanganwa had approached the civil courts seeking a protection order against Nhamburo, whom she accused of insulting and assaulting her whenever she got possessed.

“I don’t know what she is talking about, but I am told by my mother that I do so. I don’t know what happens, but something takes over me at night and then I attack her,” Susan told the court.
Susan said although she was admitting to behaving in such a manner her concern was why would Kanganwa be her only target whenever she got possessed.

“It won’t be me really, but it will be that which comes over me and sometimes I even wonder what attacks me,” she said.

Kanganwa said she had come to the courts for help as Susan would assault and insult her, adding she recently chased her and started banging on her door and even broke her window.

“When she come after me she will be calling me a witch and also accusing me of eating her late brother,” Kanganwa said.

Susan’s mother, Jane who was present in court confirmed the events saying her daughter had attacked their neighbour three times and that she had even taken her to the doctors, but she refused medication.

However, in response Susan told the court the doctors had told her she was confused and as such she stopped taking medication because it was affecting her at work.

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