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Wife pours hot cooking oil over sleeping hubby


KADOMA — A 28-year-old man is lucky to be alive after his wife poured simmering cooking oil on him while he was fast asleep following a domestic dispute.

by Own Correspondent

This came out during the court appearance of Emma Nikasa (35) of Mahoho Farm, Kadoma, who was facing charges under Section 4 of the Domestic Violence Act Chapter 5:16 for scorching her husband Freddy Chimunhu with boiling cooking oil causing 32 degree burns on his face, chest, right thigh and on his manhood. She later went on the rampage and torched household property that included a solar panel, inverter, battery, bed set and a bicycle.

Kadoma magistrate Takudzwa Gwazemba yesterday sentenced Nikasa to 18 months in jail for count one, before suspending six months on condition of good behaviour while the remainder was commuted to 240 hours of community service to be performed at Tafara Primary School.

On count two, Nikasa was sentenced to a wholly suspended three-month jail term for destroying property the couple jointly owned.

Chimunhu shocked the court when he begged the magistrate to pardon his wife, a mother of five minor children, for the dastardly acts she had committed against him.

The State case led by Calister Mapurazi was that on June 24 this year at around 2200 hours, Chimunhu and Nikasa had a heated exchange over missing $150 which had allegedly been taken by Chimunhu without her consent.

It was heard the complainant later retired to bed without the issue being resolved. The accused, in a fit of rage, took a pot and boiled cooking oil which she poured on her unsuspecting husband who was in a deep slumber resulting in him sustaining serious burns.

Following the attack the woman fled the scene but returned a while later and found her husband gone. She then ransacked the house and set alight the property. Chimunhu was rescued by neighbours who rushed him to Kadoma General Hospital for treatment.
A medical report ascertaining the severity of the burns was presented in court as evidence.

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