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Storm brews over Tsvangirai’s car


SHARP divisions have reportedly emerged within the opposition MDC-T’s top leadership on whether to buy an all-terrain vehicle from local car dealers or buy it from outside the country.


The party reportedly resolved to buy Tsvangirai a 4×4 vehicle at a cost of $80 000 following reports that his “battered Mercedes-Benz” allocated during his tenure as Prime Minister in the inclusive government had outlived its lifespan and broke down quite often.

Party sources said the top leadership was failing to agree over where to source the vehicle from amid reports that some MDC-T hawks were already angling themselves as car dealers in order to cash in on the transation.

Some senior party members were also fighting to take over control of MDC-T finances from treasurer-general Theresa Makone whom they accused of failing to account for some of the money donated by party members since she assumed the post last year.

MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora confirmed the development yesterday, but declined to comment over the alleged divisions.

“It is true we have resolved to buy our president motor vehicles including an off-roader because of the work he has to do and is doing,” Mwonzora said.

“We have not made it a secret that Tsvangirai is our candidate for the 2018 elections, hence we have to equip him with the means to travel.”

Party spokesperson Obert Gutu also confirmed the plan, but refused to give more details.

“It’s not proper for me to disclose the type and make of motor vehicle that we are buying for our leader,” Gutu said.

“There are security issues involved and quite honestly, it is imprudent for me to answer your question. Anyway, how is your question relevant to the pressing issues that are facing the majority of the people of Zimbabwe today like the issues to do with lack of jobs, lack of adequate food and lack of adequate shelter?”

But party insiders told NewsDay the vehicle issue was just a tip of the iceberg as serious divisions have reportedly emerged over use of party funds.

“It is about control of finances. At one meeting, an angry Mwonzora demanded to know why there had been transactions by treasury without his knowledge. It emerged that there had been a bid to remove the secretary-general from the list of signatories of the party accounts on the pretext that he is a blacklisted person,” an MDC-T insider who declined to be named said.

“On or about June 12th, the MDC-T received $276 000 under the Political Parties Finance Act. Out of the figure, a meeting of the party national executive made a resolution to use $80 000 to buy a car for the party president,” the party insider said.

As the crisis deepen, some concerned party members have penned a letter to Tsvangirai alleging several irregularities over the handling of funds by Makone.

The letter, dated July 17 and addressed to Tsvangirai, claimed that Makone was withholding about $400 000 in the party coffers.

Makone, the letter alleged, was failing to repair an elevator at the party’s Harvest House headquarters as well as settling arrears in staff salaries.

The letter also raised concern over the use of Makone’s use of Econet’s mobile cash transfer service for contributions to the party.

The letter also claimed Makone was failing to account for such funds.

“This probably explains why she (Makone) deliberately skipped a finance meeting that was held at the end of June 2015 to avoid scrutiny, a matter that was raised during the national executive meeting held in June 2015,” part of the letter read.

“As if that was not enough, Makone undermined your (Tsvangirai) authority by enhancing security systems at her office by installing an electric door and a host of other security gadgets ahead of your own security.”

The letter added: “In view of the above, it is our conclusion that Makone’s untoward behaviour should be nipped in the bud before we consider passing a vote-of-no-confidence in her.”

Gutu defended her saying the party was happy with her management of party finances.

“The treasurer-general is performing her duties very well and I am not going to dignify malicious and scandalous rumours by giving a substantive comment to that bogus letter that was most probably authored by desperate CIO [Central Intelligence Orgnisation] operatives.”

Contacted for comment last night, Makone went ballistic saying: “Who the hell are you? I have a life; I am a mother and grandmother. I have a life to live. Why are you bothering me on a weekend like this? I am tired of being harassed over things that I do not know. If you have evidence against me, go and report to the police. I know you are being sent by someone, leave me alone.”

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  1. My car is over 20 years old and it is fine, his Mercedes was expensive and it’s broken in less than 5 years…if you can’t look after a car how can you look after a country.

    • I think you got it all wrong. if you acknowledge Tsvangirai used the vehicle in campaigns in 2013 campaigning the whole country then you would realise your private mileage for 20 years can not be equated with a single campaign period. you need an excess of 1,000km per day during campaign. Even if he flies the vehicles still have to be there to pick him up. Tsvangirai does not drive the vehicle either. So to equate the vehicle maintenance to running a country was taking things a bit far. but well tried in putting up such a proposition.

        • @ Citizen 2. Well tried in justifying the unjustifiable to you as well. Point of correction. Tsvangirai never used a Mercedes Benz during any campaigns. He and his MDC-T team were using all terrain 4 x4 vehicles supplied mostly by their Western funders. The Merc was only used for mostly urban travel to the office and to gallivant around places such as golf courses to partake in his favorite sport.

    • Sorry Citizen that car was never new, just for your information. It was a used vehicle when they gave it to him as PM in order to spite and humiliate him

    • It depends where you drive your car, what mileage you do per month/year and the services you give your car. Considering Tsvangison goes to remote areas maybe once or twice a fortnight, I suppose his car wouldn’t last as long as your 20yr old car that is driven when you get fuel maybe once a month. Judging by your last statement that “If you cant look after a car how can you look after a country” I think you hate Tsvangison and nothing that he does (good or bad) finds favour in you.

  2. Citizen you drive your car at most 50km a day to and from work. The ex-primer drives his car thousands of km doing party business. He do not go out to the people with a Helicopter like you president,Citye you need to know that.

  3. Sad,sad,sad!A whole party fighting over where to buy a car.Is this how impoverished our politics have become.The country is sinking and the opposition is preoccupied with a simple administrative matter which should be dealt with by the procoument department.Eish!Where will such pettiness take us assuming you people form the next Government?God have mercy on Zimbabwe.

  4. Why buy a car worth $80 000 from that kind of budget. Clearly they could still buy a much cheaper and reliable car at far less and channel the monies into campaigning strategies

    • it’s the papers that publish the goings-on in political parties ;political parties do not publish news but do respond to articles or enquiries from newspaper publishers. Ok Chandu

  5. With the West being disillusioned with their puppet party, MDCT, the movement is now financially weaker. Even women who used to be attracted by the party`s womanizing leader are looking elsewhere. May be Tsvangiruza should go for a good second hand twin-cab vehicle.

  6. This guy got a brand new s350 from Zimoco. And he has already ruined it? Thats just crazy… I know people who are driving 15 year old S320’s previous shape with not a single hiccup. in all honesty you just want a new car, those cars do not break down willy nilly. if they did no one would buy one. Look ZIM 1 is older than his car and yet it is still on the GO!

  7. the problem is that yu are disputing over useless things when should be doing bigger things 80000 is just nothing when zanu pf is spending 3 million on birthday cakes mdc t please be focused

  8. All we know Makone is your are starving your workers yet you want the job done, so not to be bothered pay the workers their salaries and arrears. You live in a comfort while some of your party workers are wallowing in poverty. Be real or ship out. I think she is not the right person for the job.

  9. wat has that to do with politics, instead of looking on ways to boost the economy busy on oppositions,,, aaarghhh

  10. Theresa shld account for all the funds sent to her via ecocash. She doesn’t even acknowledge receipt of the money and if you try to phone the number (0775937869) is always busy. I sent her $6 for my membership card via ecocash but several months have gone by without any card. She has personalised the finances of the party and it works against some of us who stay in remote parts of the country. With this kind of administration the party is surely doomed.

  11. U are talking of a budget that does not affect the country!! Shame!!! Have u guys checked on how the public service consider to buy new vehicles for the senior officers. U will be shocked!

  12. Regai tsvangirai afambe yaanoda mhani to hell with you muzvinavhu thats why you were demoted becuose you are full of shit

  13. Zvemotor hazvina basa pane zvandanzwa“We have not made it a secret that Tsvangirai is our candidate for the 2018 elections, hence we have to equip him with the means to travel.”Asi iye ari kuti do not participate muma on going by Elections.Tsvangirai muZanu (P.F) chaiye.

  14. Citizen1 hauna mota, unebhara sorry, mota yewire isina mileage kkkkkkkkkkkk. Watratidza kuti you are Number1 Idiot. Thus why Ministers are given new cars now and again because of their work.

  15. let us be reasonable and not let our emotions cloud our judgements.two wrongs don’t make a right.the fact that Mugabe&his cronies are blowing millions on themselves does not justify forking out US80 thou on Tsvangirai’ s new all terrain vehicle.i stand to be corrected,but I know the MDC has a fleet of roadworthy 4x4s.if the president is really sincere about the need for such a vehicle,why not be exemplary and get 1 from there?Dictators are not born,they are created.Attempts to justify such unjustifiable and misplaced priorities are the 1st steps in that direction of creating RULERS in place of LEADERS!

  16. I am surprised that someone, somewhere would think that Theresa is capable of dipping her hands into the MDC’s finance coffers. Theresa and her husband Ian Makone are so rich to such an extend that they always bail out the party from time to time since the formation of the MDC. For them being in politics its just a social responsibility for them to be able to give back to the community.

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