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Mudede steps up bizarre campaign


Registrar-General (RG) Tobaiwa Mudede has warned women against using modern birth control methods, claiming they caused the birth of children with several deformities, large heads, as well obesity in women.

Veneranda Langa

Mudede instead says women should stick to traditional methods, like tying a tree bark around their waists and to use the withdrawal as a birth control method.

The RG was called to appear before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Women, Gender and Community Development to explain his views, which many say border on quackery.

To prove his point Mudede dragged several of his female subordinates to testify before the committee and in sync with their boss, they agreed modern birth control methods were not suitable.

The female witnesses brought by Mudede claimed they experienced severe headaches, poor eyesight, lack of libido, obesity, nausea, chest pains, skin rashes, appetite increases, breast pain, cervicitis, acne, among a myriad other side effects of using birth control.

An elderly woman said she used to tie bark of a certain tree on her waist to prevent pregnancy.

Buoyed by the support of his subordinates, the irrepressible Mudede claimed family planning methods such as Jadelle, Depo Provera, Norplant and birth control pills were a plot by the West to limit African and Asian populations.

The RG said he had conducted extensive research on this topic with Richard Hondo, but the only problem with this, parliamentarians noted, was that the co-researcher was a soil scientist, with no background in reproductive health.

“These drugs have effects – not only on women, but on men and even animals in the bush – and their effects are deadly and have sent a fright to many people,” Mudede told bemused legislators.
“Jadelle has 51 side effects, followed by Depo Provera and that is why I have brought witnesses before this committee to testify on the side effects they felt after taking the drugs.”

He claimed Norplant was banned 10 years ago in other continents, but women in developing countries like Zimbabwe were still using it.

The production of Norplant was stopped globally in 2008 and its predecessor, Jadelle, also known as Norplant 2, was approved in 2002 although it is not marketed in the US, meaning Mudede could be onto something.

“In the book we have written, we have raised the question of de-population, where Western countries are bent on curtailing the population of the darker races of the world,” he continued with his conspiracy theory.

“It has been a design of vested interests for a long time now to scale down populations in poor countries.”

Mudede claimed the plot to de-populate Zimbabwe started in 1972 when the then United States National Security Council director Henry Kissinger released a report detailing the need to de-populate the least developed countries.

“Certain birth control drugs are being exclusively distributed for use by lower class women – invariably black – in their country of manufacture, and indigenous women in the least developed countries, for example Norplant and Depo Provera,” he said.

“They are not offered to Caucasian women.”

Hondo claimed some of the side effects of family planning methods included severe glaucoma.

Mudede chipped in saying family planning methods caused cancers, and even birth of children with large heads and several deformities, as well as obesity, which was now observed in many women.

Mudede, has over the past year, been speaking out about contraceptives, insisting they were a Western conspiracy.

Chairperson of the committee, Biata Nyamupinga said his views, considering he was a senior public servant, had caused panic, with some women dumping family planning methods and falling pregnant. She demanded Mudede should name some of the researchers and scientists internationally and locally whom he had worked with to come up with his findings.

But Mudede refused to disclose their names, insisting they were very reputable.

He said Hondo, his co-author on the book Genetically Modified Organisms and Population Control Drugs in Developing Countries was a renowned soil researcher.

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  1. Dear journalist,there is nothing bizarre about what Mudede is saying because it is true.Family planning pills and medications have side effects.I remember one white woman who was on HRT saying she had to take a shower at an odd time of the day after suffering hot flushes.Please donot look down upon Mudede simply because he is black.if he was white you would be singing a different tune.

  2. Whilst it is true that modern contraceptives have side-effects, all drugs, synthetic or from natural sources have side effects. The issue here is the fact that this man has provided no substantive evidence to back up his claims, nor has he provided any explanation as to why the methods he proposes work better. Finally, 3rd world countries are always behind technologically, so the fact that we use an older drug that is no longer used in western countries does not mean there are not other, newer drugs used to replace them.

  3. Disappointed by the way this stupid journalist is potraying mudedes argument. Mudede argument is backed by witnesses and research so if you think this is weak why don’t you use your research backed by experts to prove mudede is wrong. This kind of journalism is diabolical to say the least. I wonder what kind of an editor allow this garbage to be published.

    • Cde family planning pills have been used even before u were born, they are newer ones every year been made as they search ones with lesser side effects…all those mentioned by muddle are merely some side effects and are told to the patient that these may occur if they do not want they can chose a whole array of other methods, no one is forced to be on the pill even withdrawal is an option offered, what muddle has clearly shown is mere ignorance on the matter. Norplant was replaced by Jadelle, so is Lofeminal(the pills he mentions we have newer Marvelon) all in an effort to have less side effects….stop taking family planning if you want no one is forced…really…Mudede should concentrate on his department lest he we laugh out loud…it’s the 21st century for crying out loud haaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

  4. This is so so true. Minister of Health, may you kindly intervene because we are suffering silently. Thank you Cde Mudede for raising this issue. Our doctors and nurses are not well versed with all these side effects that we go through. I personally have suffered through using these contraceptives and had to find out on my own the reason for my sicknesses when the doctors and nurses could not find the cause. When I decided to stop using any, the sicknesses disappeared though it was a bit too late since I am already on BP tablets which I suspect was also caused by these contraceptives. Something must be done with immediate effect to solve this problem.

    I have been to gynecologists with the problems but they failed to diagnose. I also visited several dermatologists in vain since I also had a skin problem which was caused by these contraceptives. Once I stopped using them most of my problems stopped. My main worry is what to use to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

  5. has mudede become a medical doctor? from my basic understanding of medicine i know every drug has a side effect even paracetamol.this man failed to produce a simple thing like an electoral voters roll and now thinks he can become the country’s most valued health adviser.infact he should be aware that he is directly responsible for this nation’s problems by facilitating rigging.

  6. i dont like mudeda because of what he does during elections but on this one i agree with him. the only question is on trying tree barks on the waist. i also do agree with the guy who says most of us are suffering silently while our bedroom activities are being affected. the solution to the birth of children does not need these modern ways.

  7. Mudede is right to a large extent,these artificial remedies have devastating side effects which can even push a man to seek a sideshow on the belief that their partner has advertently lost interest.This in turn exposes them both to HIV.There is nothing out there that beats natural remedies like the use of the woman’s menstrual cycle for instance.Im however not sure about the tree-bark thing because it puts a spiritual dimension to the whole matrix,which is inconsistent with many people’s spiritual inclinations.

  8. we should not just blame Mudede’s claims why? because research on any phenomena can be done by anyone with curiosity or zeal to find out why, or the meaning or to add knowledge to existing knowledge,(there are so many reasons why researches are conducted) it is what referred to as “problems”in research that motivates or compels any researcher to embark on any research topic.More so being a soil scientist can not limit one to embark on any research topic,please lets try to understand what is ”research” and what is not.Therefore their propositions might be limited but they leave a lot to be desired,i think our universities and all concerned should start doing something in this phenomena.i personally i can not dispute Mudede’s claims because he works with matters on population and hence he might have developed a desire to solve this problem and perhaps with the help of the soil scientist.Also our indigenous knowledge systems should not be looked down upon instead they need to be sanitized in this regard after some time our people might discover something or help solve problems in modern day generation.ngatisasvoranai ZIMBABWE is full of academics/scientists in making lets not just criticize them,lest they feel useless when then can can bring about issues which might help us to have healthier lives and create studies which may give our youngsters to work on and who knows the country can benefit from such discoveries

  9. @TemboT, do not just oppose for the sake of it. This old man has got a point. Why don’t you carry out your own research using the so called modern technology and prove him wrong? Please use your knowledge wisely.

  10. The journalist was trying to influence public opinion against Mudede but thanks the people who responded have noted it. If there are people who can testify why call this bizarre? Be fair and balanced in your reports even if you do not like someone.

  11. When did this old become a doctor? Kakazoita hudokotera kupiko kamudara aka. Ngakazive zvekurigger.

  12. Any drug has side effects. How many drugs do we manufacture in Zimbabwe and what are their side effects? Mudede’s government has ruined the country’s economy and failed to provide basic needs for the 15m population and he wants more – for what. He can’t even provide a voter’s roll for the current voting population and he wants more people added onto it? The madness doesn’t stop there, he ties this to a “Western ploy”…. Do the spectacles he wears have side-effects? Do these include diminished thinking capacity, I wonder. If he hates the West so much, let’s see him throw his spectacles away first, then we’ll know he is serious!!

  13. There is freedom of expression which is everyone’s right. How many children does Mr Mudede have?. Why did he refused to mention some of his reaserchers when he was asked by the members of parliament?. Can he bring evidence of the natural methods which he claims are effective?. People should not be fooled by idiots who have let this country down by manipuilation of voters rolls through leaving the names of dead people on the voters roll.

  14. What’s wrong with giving birth to a child with a large head? He could grow up to be a cabinet minister!

  15. If it is not advisable to use paracetamol for 10 consecutive days without consulting your doctor, why use family planning pills for years? Mudede is right, these Anti-Retro Conception drugs are never good for health.

  16. But Mudede is right those modern ways of prevention of pregnancy are not healthy at all. I think use of condoms could be better than pills.

  17. Most of the commentators here are “textbook brainwashed tools” who know nothing about science and pharmaceutical drugs. Keep get lectures from journalists.

  18. While Mr Mudede’s observations may be true, as a government official, more so being the Registrar General, he must not air views which seem to contradict the prevailing Government policy on population issues, as this may bring confusion among Zimbabweans. The best he could do is to carry out research then inform the relevant authorities to try and encourage them to change the current policy, this is what reputable researchers do.

  19. It is a bizarre campaign because in 2015 someone is advocating for the adoption of stone age methods.

  20. My first take to this article is a an intent by a journalist who intends to polarise us and restrict us to turnel thinking! Mr Editor tell you journos to write health articles that generate open debate not to gude us ZANU PF style.

    As for the subject matter zvakawoma kugamuchira mushonga unorapa msoro kana wabva kumuroi. Its natural to hate Mudede because of his contribution to the current state of this beloved motherland.

    What I urge is for those who can also produce counter research against Mudede’s arguments to do so. Tichaudzwa hondo nemurwere wepfungwa tikamushora. Lets be open minded in our differences. The level of debate this has generated is worth researching by everyone in this country and elsewhere in Africa.

    I do not like Mudede for what he has done but I will agree with him in that our population is too low and we need to bear more children for the required level of development. Industrial production is mainly driven by domestic consuption at the primary level and at secondary level by exports. For normal growth Zimbabwe would require a population of at least 60 million considering the resouce endowments but this appears a no no considering our current Macro Economic Situation. Wait until the next 20 years and History will judge us maybe harshely.

    Brothers and Sisters lets open our eyes and debate, reseach and prove the men right or wrong.

    • Mudede is not qualified to make comments on contraceptive issues. We have professors and doctors who have conducted research on these contraceptives and they have decades of taking care of patients on contraceptives. it is these people who folate government policy and are qualified to comment on this. These include Prof. Chirenje, Prof Kasule, Prof Kambarami, Dr. Zvandasara, etc. If one woman has some side effect it does not mean that the other million women who have no side effects cannot benefit. So Mudede should Shut up on issues he does not know.

  21. The man is right. You people can criticize him as much as you can but the truth remains. These drugs bring complications and are killing our women everyday. We’re dealing with lab-engineered homones that excel or prohibit the natural production of the body’s own homones. Muchasvinura vakadzi venyu vafa vakazvimba dumbu.

  22. Do nt take this pil for more than ten days without consulting ur doctor, i like that, Mudede s right.

  23. He is right. there are so many secret programs running but most people are not aware of them. HAARP PROJECT used to cause earthquakes, draught, floods, tornados, etc,. Today we have ISIS causing havoc, all this is carried out by some countries that want to control everyone. lastly 9/11 inside job but many still do not believe it. let’s be careful least we perish slowly but sure.

  24. pakuzoti soil scientist apo ndopaarasisa. Soil scientist ngaagare kuEnvironment and Agriculture kwake kwete kuita research dzesviro dzinopinda papi kkkk. Kana neniwo Soil Scientist ndaseka.

  25. Mudede needs to have his head examined for political side effects. Nothing new in what he is saying…….

  26. Mudede needs to have his head examined for political side effects. Nothing new in what he is saying…….just seeking publicity while waiting for 2018.

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