Live Updates:Vendors evicted from Harare CBD

Vendors operating in the Harare CBD have been removed from their usual trading spots.


The footbridge situated along Speke Avenue has been cleared


An evicted vendor pushes his goods past the Town House


For some vendors it is still business as some as they say they have no choice.

One of the vendors said,”Hatina zvatinovhunduka tinojaira zviripo

Asked for an interview vendors refused saying “Zvinochinjei?Muno kana ukavhota kana ukadii hapana zvinochinja, our voices are expensive!”


12:00: Chaos has ensued at Town House as the vendors sing and dance in protest against the evictions.


Lets meet 2018,vendors tell Mugabe


There is a banner questioning where newly appointed Local Government Minister  Saviour Kasukuwere’s political loyalties lie.

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  1. No one benefits from vendors in CBD.Not even the vendors!

    1. warasika apa hama

  2. Ras I eazy gadaga

    now the powers-that-be have decided to close down the last form of “employment” there is in the country,a sector which has kept our last hopes of survival alive by providing food on our tables.we,the POOR are RICH in patience,but no-one should mistake the patience for stupidity!Time will tell and that day will come when we will say ENOUGH is enough!nerimwe zuva gava richadimbura musungo….

  3. how are they supposed to get food on their tables now?????????

  4. ngavaende shuwa it had gone out of hand


  5. At least overcrowding is reduced in Harare


  6. why are we always off side. the problem is mugabe. everything rises and falls on leadership or the leader. mugabe is the problem. how long are we going to beat about the bush blaming people who are not even in government and have never led a country. mugabe has led this country for 35 years and has nothing to show for it and we say nothing about that but find it easy to say its tsvangirai or the other guys. zimbabweans even those who are demonstrating at town house at present are so stupid because they are barking at the wrong tree. please start barking mugabe, mugabe, mugabe then things will start changing.

    1. that is very correct



  9. Zvanga zvanyanya takufamba zvakanaka

  10. Sometimes when God blesses us we become so insensitive of other people. That was their livelihood.

  11. We don’t want to promote anarchy in the City. Ngavabve mutown vendors. JUST GO CHINYARARIRE please. Kudyei kudyei maimbodyei before mauya kuzoisa tsvina mutown nekutadzisa vanhu kufamba heeee!

  12. zanu iripo pakutonga makaivotera kuti itonge. ndohutongi hwachozve

  13. The lunatic fringe. There nothing to show that the ” Lets meet in 2018 elections” placard is meant for Pres Mugabe. In any case the people (Municipal Police) removing the vendors get their orders from town house which house is run by MDC T so where does Mugabe come in.

    1. Kugarira Nhanzva

      Ndugu maybe its meant for the MDC since most urban voters are MDC anyway. kikikikikikiki

      1. who gave the police the order for them to go and how propose that they shld move Zanu pf or the opposition

    2. Most vendors where hiding under zanupf, the space barons were zanupf, vana Gomwe nanaMudzengerere unoti ndeve MDC?

  14. God help us ,tanzwa nenahmo mudzimbadzemabwe!

  15. saka vanhu vorarama neyi mabasa hamuna munyika kudhara wayienda ku industry kunotsvaga basa ende uchiriwana ko iye zvino vanhu mabasa vomawanepi ndosaka munhu wese ave kutengesa kuti awane zvinomuraramisa pamwe chete ne mhuri yake. mwari pindirai vana ve zimbabwe vatambura vodya here nhoko dzezvironda.

  16. Woe be unto us, young Zimbabweans. As a people, we have erred. We were told, pretty long back that universal suffrage wasn’t as yet possible, (akin to vote trooping monkeys). We denied it, vehemently, and we still do today. Yet we just can’t run it. How can we? We were primitive, sort of wild, by world standards by 1890, and still are today largely, thus lacking any experience in the modern skills as we learn them at Harare Poly but cannot practice. Only we substitute the painful adjective “primitive” with the aid seeking pitiful one, “poor”. The reason why our country was taken away from us then was technology deficiency. Presently, we have had 35 years to attempt a catch-up, to sort of even out the deficiency gradient. Have we done anything? Are we not vulnerable now to violent, or economic takeover? Me think that we have too much to learn from the racist Caucasians, in military, government, medicine, NUST and even bridging the gap between “local chieftaincy law” and professional Roman-Dutch as administered in our law courts. We need them inside the country.

    1. You are spot on!

  17. The “Lets meet in 2018” threat does not work. ZANU-PF does not care about the urban voter

  18. f u ar askn hw ey goin to survive hakuna here kwavari kuendeswa, ere has bn too much chaos on th strts let them go n occupy designated places. they ar oredy intefering w thoz hu owns shops by occupyn eir pavements

  19. I have a restaurant in town and must say for sure my sales reduced considerably because of vendors. women cooking in the streets charging 5 rand tea and sweet potatoes,. I pay rent and I have an employee to pay. business has been bad.. if vendors stay, we shop owners have no choice but to boycott licenses come end of year. Because I am competing with someone who doesn’t have such expenses. at the same time I understand their plight. there are no jobs. it is an unfortunate situation.

  20. At least vendors should be provided vending sites first before being evicted,there are lives to be taken care of,no to street kids and more School dropouts!

  21. zim has bekam lyk a komboni sure, its so pathetic at the same infuriating to see our beloved zim is being driven to extinction(yes extinction,sounds crazy but thats it) by a bunch of lunatic-egoist-maniacs. Their nicknames are just proof(the zim tysons) that we are being led by madmen

  22. Issac Manyepes

    Ngavaende…to those that say “vano chengeta muri sei?”, what about the shop owner and employees that cant get customers because their shop is not accessible nema”Vendors”,where are our standard and morals, for business and life….Sadza ne Zondo muna J.Moyo…serious…tanyanya

  23. vanhu ngavatsvage kumwe kwekutengesera , kwete kutisvibisira town. vanhu vangaronga madomasi pakati peCBD shuwa. itai mushe plz !!!!

  24. Baba T Kuripwa Kugara

    I second that too, guys how would u point an educated Zimbabwe by aunts Vendors everywhere as if we ar on war. Why Mugabe Zanu PFor Tsvangira MDC on this behaviour, our city became a hip of clothing and vergitable dumpsite, pls Zimbos don’t includes polictics on this. Yes job ar scares bt there ar places resided for vendors and its long these pple resisted to go there giving their foolish reasons tht such places ar far. This kind of city vending just started recently therefore how were these people survived before….jumper kana zvakunetsa endawo kunoenda vamwe kunze kwenyika musiye Mugabe naTsvangirai vega….i m Baba Tennsen Kuripwa Kugara nt a ghost commenter!!

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