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‘Chitown secretary suspended for trying to topple mayor’


CHITUNGWIZA chamber secretary Priscila Vengesai has been suspended on allegations of trying to topple mayor Philip Mutoti.
While Mutoti refused to comment on the matter on Wednesday, Vengesai confirmed her suspension to NewsDay through a letter signed by town clerk George Makunde.


Vengesai allegedly called for the mayor’s ouster and reportedly blocked deals meant to enrich individuals at the Town Centre.
The chamber secretary said she had advised council that Mutoti was “sleeping on duty” hence the dire financial predicament of the dormitory town.

She had also reportedly blocked efforts by Makunde to purchase a new $70 000 vehicle for himself.

Vengesai also tried to block Mutoti from buying himself a new council vehicle.

The chamber secretary said she was doing her job as adviser to the town, but had made enemies in the town clerk and the mayor after frustrating the “deals.” She said two meetings where the issues were supposed to be brought up had been cancelled.

“I had prepared my speech and in that speech I had said we don’t have money as council yet we have resolutions that should have been followed and I blamed the mayor for that,” Vengesai said.

“I asked the mayor what he has done to improve Chitungwiza in the last two years. He is doing nothing and as adviser I saw that and advised accordingly. I suggested that the mayor must go and I suggested someone to take over.”

She added: “The town clerk thought I was pushing him out so that I take his job. My point was people should work. The town clerk called for a meeting and the human resources person was in that meeting meaning that he wanted to find a charge against me.”

Vengesai claimed that Makunde called Zanu PF youths and members of the Women’s League who accused her of being MDC-T and meeting MDC-T officials at Harvest House.

“I called them to my office and told them I do not even know where Harvest House is and was not a politician and had qualifications to be chamber secretary and I went through all processes. I don’t belong to MDC, Zanu PF or Mavambo because my job doesn’t allow that,” she said.

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