Allan Chimbetu in court over cellphone

Allan Chimbetu

DENDERA musician Allan Chimbetu was yesterday ordered by Harare magistrate Audrey Tarugarira to pay a Harare man Saston Mazhanga $150 plus costs by August 31 as replacement fee for the applicant’s cellphone which he damaged while repairing it.


Mazhanga told the Civil Court that he had given Chimbetu his phone so that he could fix it, but Chimbetu had made it even worse and not kept his word that he would replace it.

“He even asked me to get him a quotation for the phone, but I could not as I did not purchase it locally. Initially I had demanded $110 from him, but we negotiated the amount down to $75 which he still didn’t pay,” said Mazhanga.

He also said on Sunday he had visited Chimbetu’s work station and the latter asked him to take a seat as he left the place with an unnamed woman who was said to be his wife.

Although Chimbetu did not deny having taken the phone for repairs, he told the court that the phone was actually a second-hand gadget which he had fixed but Mazhanga had refused to take it after he had done the job.

“I fixed the phone and it is the one I am actually using right now, but I have no idea why he refused it and I know it is not even valued at $235 as he is claiming,” Chimbetu said.

Chimbetu said Mazhanga had even told him that he wanted a replacement fee of $75, but he had said he could only manage to give him $70.

However, Mazhanga responded to Chimbetu’s claims saying that suddenly the phone was now working after checking it in court but it no longer had a home button as it did before.

“He probably fixed it because he knew I was now taking him to court,” Mazhanga said.


  1. Lack of focus inoparira akomana…..Allan should be one of the leading musicians in this country but baba ava havasi serious.

    One time he was a madzibaba, he formed his band Orchestra Dendera Central Committee, he was fighting with his son, was facing arrest for failing to pay maintenance… he is repairing cellphones. Ita chinhu hwani Allan and be serious in life.

    Iwewe naTrynos are the only ones attracting negative publicity for the Chimbetu family! Ita semunhu mukuru Allan!

  2. Allan has got a show wth Sulu in Mutare on the 27th this cmg Friday, why is it when it cmes to celebrities even he made a simple mistake media inoda kumhanya kusvibisa zita Midwesto, Allan munhu sevamwewo,kanyaya kkasina maturo imi nako nako,nyaya dzine msoro pasi tsve urombo hurimunyika nyaya iZhinji, siyanai na Allan and try to focus in the real deal wth news you media you are not serious too

  3. There is nothing wrong about repairing cell phones. In Zimbabwe, to survive, one should juggle many balls. Salaries and wages need to be supplemented. I peruse daily of companies laying off workers and what Allan is doing better. He is using his hands and he is not begging.

  4. I peruse daily of companies laying off workers. What Allan is doing is far much better. At least he is not begging.

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