1 000 workers fired in one day

AT least 1 000 workers from different companies were fired in one day yesterday with Zimasco reportedly showing 648 of its employees the exit door.


The mass job cuts are part of a scramble by companies to fire workers without benefits as they capitalise on last Friday’s Supreme Court ruling.

The Supreme Court, in a case involving Zuva Petroleum and two former managers, ruled that companies can give three months’ notice to terminate workers’ contracts even without benefits.

The ruling opened floodgates as several companies including Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe, publishers of The Daily News, and Sakunda Logistics sent workers home.

According to reports, an estimated 3 000 workers have been laid off in one week.

In a statement after yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare minister Prisca Mupfumira said the government had resolved to urgently amend the Labour Act to avoid further job losses.

“Government has resolved to amend the relevant provisions of the Labour Act in the shortest possible time in order to restore equilibrium in the market. Meanwhile, government appeals to employers to exercise maximum restraint in terminating contracts of employment on notice, pursuant to the Supreme Court ruling,” she said.

Sino-Zimbabwe Cotton on Tuesday reportedly fired over 400 workers and used the ruling to justify the drastic action.

Zimasco workers, who spoke to NewsDay, said the chrome mining and smelting company yesterday gave them an option to take the company’s preferred compulsory retrenchment plan or risk getting nothing.

Although a company official, Clara Sadomba, professed ignorance over the development, the affected employees maintained that they had been sacked.

“We were given an option to take their preferred retrenchment package, that of two weeks’ pay multiplied by the number of years that one has served,” one of the employees who requested anonymity said.

“Around the end of 2013, the employer began to cite unviability of business and offered voluntary retrenchment where people were going to be given two weeks’ salary multiplied by the number of years served and less than 100 people took that.”

The Zimasco employees claimed in May and December 2014, the company put up measures to avoid retrenchment whereby employees were supposed to serve for the next 12 months while negotiations for compulsory retrenchments were underway.

“Others before us have been given one month’s salary multiplied by the number of years served and that was what we were pushing for when this Supreme Court ruling was made,” the employee said.

Zimoco has also given a number of its workers notice which will run until October 31.

Mobile phone operator Econet Wireless Private Limited also joined the bandwagon.

Sakunda Logistics employees said they refused to sign the termination of employment contracts because they were reportedly owed about five months’ salary arrears.

President Robert Mugabe has been urged by labour bodies and human rights organisations to act to stop the job losses.

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  1. We died for this country

    1. Who gives a shit? People are still dying and having their lives wrecked.

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  5. If the company has not paid you for five months yakato vhara kare. The only issue was they could nod not lay off the employees as it was expensive and the funds were not available evidenced by failing to pay salaries.

  6. and ZANU is iñ power alone….no GNU ZANU only where z money chinamaster

  7. Two million jobs ! That Jonathan Moyo authored ZANU PF manifesto which was relabelled ZIMASSET is now in motion. Only challenge is someone seems to have engaged it into Reverse Gear (R).

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  9. This is a very sad situation. Imagine number of graduates in the streets plus the recent job losses so it means we have reached 100% unemployment rate. The current government must admit they have failed we need investors in this country and let’s do away with retrogressive laws.

  10. These bloody Zanu satanic people have destroyed our once beautiful country. There’s blood to paÝ for many of these dogs soon!

  11. Very sad news indeed. To expect RGM to do “something”…eh what has he NOT tried in the 35 years over (12,775 days) from Socialism, Marxism, Capitalism to right down expropriation of property & assets. Zimbas need to take it upon themselves to free themselves from all these institutions that currently confine them to abject poverty or slavish bootlicking…it’s not easy to do.

  12. The learned judges who gave that verdict are busy smiling enjoying the fruits of their verdict as thousands loose jobs kwasara ku public service kumauto, ZRP, nembavha dzose idzo

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