‘Zimbos have to create 2 million jobs themselves’

Killer Zivhu

Chivi Rural District Council chairman Killer Zivhu says the two million jobs promised under Zanu PF’s ZimAsset programme will only be realised when Zimbabweans become more creative and resourceful.

By Tafadzwa Kachiko

Speaking at the launch of a local bi-annual newsletter, Chivi ZimAsset Bulletin, last week, Zivhu said it was wrong for Zimbabwe to expect President Robert Mugabe and the ruling Zanu PF party to deliver the jobs on a silver platter.

“Creation of two million jobs is possible through our own initiatives. The President will not bring jobs to people,” Zivhu said.

“What you do back home is what will help in creating a job for you and others.”

Zivhu said the newsletter was established to herald what has not been written about Chivi by the mainstream media, which would help in improving lives if unearthed.

Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment deputy minister Mathias Tongofa challenged the publication to remain objective in its reportage.

“I looked closely at the name of this paper and have seen that its agenda is to bring socio-economic transformation in Chivi,” Tongofa said.

‘It should therefore remain objective and maintain the vision.”

Great Zimbabwe University’s Faculty of Arts deputy dean Amos Mushati said the newsletter had enabled students to put theory into practice.

In its 2013 harmonised election manifesto, Zanu PF pledged to create over two million jobs during the five years ending 2018.


  1. It was zanupf by itself which promised the 2mil jobs during elections, so why now shouldnt people expect the president to deliver them?? Now we are being told its up to us to create our own jobs, what idiots are we to be treated so??

  2. It is the political hand of the party ZanuPf which does not create a conducive atmosphere for us to be creative because you have to be zanupf, but what we have seen is those who become zanupf to start businesses don’t pay their workers so 2 million jobs can be created but of unpaid workers.

  3. How can we create 2 million jobs when we have no electricity and yet alone the start up capital for business for business to commence?? I mean we have to be realistic about things!!!

  4. I don blame ZANU PF, vele ma ukhombisa intombi uyishela ngamazwi amnandi ukwenzela ukuthi ikuvume, ngakho ZANU PF was duin the same thing. Abantu bashelwa & accepted hence they hv to live with it.

  5. so Mr Killer , you are speaking in your official capacity and what you are saying is the president is unable to help zimbos, we are must help ourselves, otherwise when the president said 2 million jobs, he misled the country ,

  6. Now the vendors have created their own 2 million jobs and you want to chase them away, what a Shame

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