Zim writer dedicates book to Mujuru


A ZIMBABWEAN writer-cum-musician based in South Africa, Darlington Sibanda, has dedicated his book titled Conspiracy — Winds of Change to ousted former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.


Set in a fictional modern city in present-day Zimbabwe, the story unravels a tug-of-war between two political powerhouses aiming at claiming the presidential hot seat.

This is a thriller that follows a son’s journey to uncover the mysterious death of his father, which leads to unmasking a government conspiracy. The main character, Muzi Khaya, is set up for murder and incarcerated in the country’s most notorious prison where he uncovers the key to his father’s death.

Hunted by a hired assassin, he breaks out of prison and starts a revolutionary crusade to overthrow the autocratic rule in his country and bringing his father’s killers to justice. Secrets are exposed, alliances are built and tested, blood is split, love is kindled and honour is rewarded as no stone is left unturned in this journey to freedom.

“Dr Mujuru and family have been undergoing a lot of challenges in the past four years and she deserves to be honoured,” Sibanda was quoted saying recently.

“I believe this honour I am giving our former Vice-President will challenge other people out there to recognise her works. She was also one of the few female commanders during the struggle.”

Sibanda said the story exploited General Solomon Mujuru’s mysterious death in an inferno at his Alamein Farm in Beatrice on August 15 2011. He was the first commander of the Zimbabwean army following independence in 1980.


  1. Wow very inspiring indeed! This book could very well influence the political landscape not just of our country but of all africa. i haven’t read it or bought it but i can tell what its vision is about. Impressive stuff!!

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