Zec stutters on Hurungwe West mess-up

Rita Makarau

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) yesterday admitted that Zanu PF winning candidate for Hurungwe West, Keith Guzah, was, in fact, a registered voter in Magunje constituency, but insisted that his election was procedural.


In a statement last night, Zec chairperson Justice Rita Makarau also admitted Guzah had been denied the right to vote in the June by-election because his name did not appear on the constituency roll of voters.

“On polling day, Keith Guzah was denied the right to vote as his name was not on the voters’ roll for Hurungwe West. The commission had issued a position statement that only those on the voters’ roll would be allowed to vote. His old block number was captured as his new block number and the transfer was, therefore, not effected on the computer. He was retained on
the voters’ roll for Magunje,” Makarau said.

She, however, claimed Guzah “was lawfully and procedurally nominated as a candidate for the Hurungwe West by-election after being transferred from Magunje to Hurungwe West on March 23 this year.

“The V3 Form setting out his application for transfer of registration as a voter bears serial number 010599A and is available for inspection to all interested parties. On the basis of the above transfer, Keith Guzah was duly nominated as a candidate for Hurungwe West on 08 April 2015 when the nomination court for that by-election sat,” the Zec chairperson said, adding Guzah’s name was not electronically updated on the voters’ roll for that constituency “because of a transposition of the block numbers relating to his old and new registrations”.

At the weekend, Zec officials admitted to bungling in emailed responses to NewsDay.

Former Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairperson Temba Mliswa, who contested the poll as an independent candidate, threatened to file for nullification of the results.

“I will be consulting with my lawyers, but I can tell you that we will be writing to Zec for clarification on what happens now.”
Opposition MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu urged Zec to declare Mliswa the winner of the poll.


  1. Aaaah Rita. We Zimbabweans do not believe anything ZEC say. Please let me be clear. ZEC are complicit with all these stolen and rigged elections and God will reveal: make no mistake He WILL reveal. It will be better to come clean and tell the truth. We demand nothing less than totally free and fair elections from now on. RGM is only is state house by lies, theft and rigging. MT should have been there 2008. We are zvakwana! God is judging the lies!

  2. There Temba Mliswa is the winner for Hurungwe west.The electoral act is very clear on that one.A candidate must vote.In this case our Guzah did not.

  3. Does the law say candidate MUST vote? Or he/she need to be a registered voter only in the same constituency they want to contest? All the same how can one be voted for when he/she can not vote for themselves?

    ZEC needs to be careful here. They are going to be thoroughly embarrassed if they keep on insisting that Guzha won procedurally.

    Laws of the land must be tested on this case. Interesting days ahead

  4. Rita and the ZEC are all a bunch of fools. Hapana zvisvinu zvinobva kuZEC. They are useless. Misoro yavo yakazara mvura. Themba akahwina its so simple but muchanzwa zvichataura naivo ana Rita ava

  5. Have we become so desperate for the benefits of patronage that even people one would wish had some moral fibre can sell their soul to remain on the gravy train. History will be unkind to these people who are perpetrating this fraud.

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