Yali Profile : Social enterprise guru wants a strong private sector to stimulate economic growth


Communicator and social enterprise guru, Rudo Nyangulu-Mungofa, has vast experience in both the legal sector and business and is eager to catch up with other young leaders in both Africa and the United States.


She will participate in Mandela Washington for Young African Leaders and will spend the six weeks at the University of Texas in Austin where she “intends to learn more about business and entrepreneurship with a focus on enterprise innovation and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a business development tool.”

She also intends to use that experience to “build a wider and stronger network for herself and her organization.” Rudo is currently the Director of Stimulus, a social enterprise hub she established upon her return to Zimbabwe after several years in the Diaspora. Stimulus focuses on building capacity in start-up, micro, small and medium sized enterprises. Her role is strategic in developing the hub’s network internationally and engaging funding partners to support its work.

She contributes to the organization’s training, business coaching and mentorship programmes. Rudo is also passionate about photography through which she started “The Art of Being Humane Foundation” which uses audiovisual media to communicate African stories on behalf of the voiceless.

Upon her return from the fellowship Rudo seeks to “bring back the lessons learnt and adapting them to the Zimbabwe situation as I continue to contribute to the development of the private sector via Stimulus Hub.”

Rudo holds an LLB (Hons) Degree in Law and is currently pursuing graduate studies in Private Sector Development.

You can follow her MWF experience on twitter @RudoNyangulu and her work at @StimulusHub