Woman claims $2 000 maintenance from hubby for adults


A HARARE woman has dragged her husband Benjamin Taguta to the Civil Court demanding $2 000 maintenance for her two adult children aged 22 and 37 years respectively.


Rose Taguta yesterday appeared before Harare magistrate Barbra Mateko, who apparently dismissed the maintenance claim on the basis that the children were majors and not minors.

The magistrate said Rose’s claim had a number of inconsistencies and advised her to file a proper application if she too intended to claim maintenance from her husband.

Rose told the court their eldest 37-year-old child was mentally challenged, hence she needed money for his support, but the court advised her to approach the High Court for a remedy.

“Our oldest child is mentally-challenged and he is 37 years and the other one is 22 years, but he often sends only $200 per month via EcoCash,” Rose told the court.

However, Taguta dismissed Rose’s assertions and provided the court with proof that he had been sending Rose cash ranging between $410 and $430 via EcoCash as well as depositing amounts ranging from $100 to $1 000 via her bank account.

“I personally bought the property in which she lives with the children in the year 1983 and surely, if there was need for repairs, she could simply call me and I get it sorted out. So I don’t know why exactly she wants that kind of money for considering all that I am already doing,” Taguta said.

He also told the court he personally had his needs given that he was diabetic and hypertensive.

But Rose said although she earned $800 per month, she had gone for about six months without receiving her salary, hence she was in desperate need of child support.

However, the magistrate advised her that spousal maintenance was only meant to assist in cases where the other party was unemployed and could not take care of themselves.