Watsomba woman axed husband 11 times in the head


A WATSOMBA woman has appeared before a Mutare magistrate facing charges of brutally murdering her husband in a domestic dispute that has left the Nyakatsapa community in Watsomba searching for answers.


Pamela Bhowa (46) appeared before magistrate Sekai Chiwundura on Thursday and was not asked to plead to murder charges and she was remanded to June 20. She was ordered to apply for bail at the High Court.

It is the State’s case, led by Shepherd Chavarika, that on Sunday June14, Pamela and her husband Manners Bhowa had a heated argument with the now deceased accusing his wife of being possessed by demons.

In the evening of the same day, the argument occurred again before Manners went to sleep. Moments later, Pamela went into the bedroom where Manners was sleeping with an axe and struck him 11 times on the head killing him instantly. She covered the body with the blankets before disappearing. The following morning, their two children opened the bedroom door and discovered that Manners was dead and reported the matter to the police.

Manners were a deputy school head at Nyakatsapa Secondary School in Watsomba where his wife was also teaching.

There was pandemonium on Thursday afternoon as Manners’ angry relatives stormed Mutare Central Police Station baying for Pamela’s head.Police had to intervene as the marauding relatives wanted to mete out instant justice on Pamela.


  1. It is so sad when domestic violence ends in the loss of life like this. It is better to divorce
    when couples no longer see eye to eye. It is clear that there was no longer any love and affection in this relationship. So sad, may his soul rest in peace.

  2. This is so sad indeed esp when this is happening to the men.women had been given so much protection by the law to the extent that the men has now become vulnerable.

  3. This is very sad indeed. Couples should learn to discuss their problems and agree to disagree. Violence should be condemned whether perpetrated by men or women. However it has been noted that continued abuse in a marriage can cause one of the parties to snap and cause untold harm. Married or intimate couples should treat each other with respect, even when the love is no longer there.

    Just to note that the Domestic Violence Act protects women and men, children and people who live in the same household, not women only. It feels like it protects women since studies have shown that women are victims of 95% of domestic violence. The Domestic Violence Act promotes peace and harmony in the family which is the opposite of what has happened here.

    by Runyararo Mudzimba

  4. So the husband was correct to say the wife was ”demon possessed” Its so sad to read about this horrible murder on Father Day. May his soul rest in peace.

  5. Its really sad.. I tell you. Right now the family is failing to comes to terms with this heartless act. However the reporter has somehow misrepresented facts by starting that there was pandamonium at the mutare central police station. That did not happen the Bowa family never caused any problems at all. The family waits for the court to pass its judgement on this matter

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