Warriors refuse to travel to Malawi


The Warriors have failed to travel to Malawi for their 2017 Africa Cup of Nations Group L qualifier after failing to get assurances that they will be paid their allowances and appearance fees.


The match is due to take place at Kamuzu Stadium on Saturday.




The national team players checked out of their hotel in the afternoon but refused to board the team bus to the airport where they were due to board the Malawi Airways at 1610hrs.

Coach Kalisto Pasuwa and chief executive officer Jonathan Mashingaidze were at the airport waiting for the team to no avail. Zifa marketing officer Wellington Mugwagwa was also at the airport with the players’ passports.

Later in the evening, the players, accompanied by Mashingaidze, left for a meeting at an undisclosed venue, although it is understood they were headed to the home of Zifa president Cuthbert Dube in Groombridge.

The Warriors are now expected to travel on Friday, but via South Africa, in the event the allowances are paid or there is guarantee from either Zifa or Government.




  1. ZIFA is expecting prophet Magaya to bring cash like what he did previously. This time i dont think its possible.

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  3. Zim people now passionate for one thing: money. It used to be an honour to be chosen to play for your country. I bet you these moneymongers will be reduced to ashes by the Flames

  4. Its unfortunate that most Zimbabweans see a narrow picture. They are blind like Chombo and Kasukuwere. The two expects City of Harare to perform in a country which is not performing. Soccer fans how do you expect ZIFA to function in this dead economy? All you are asking for is for Dube to bail the team out. Now no one is saying Dube go. He is the only one who can put resources in ZIFA. You then want to fire him without giving him his money. He is there to protect his investment in ZIFA.

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