Varsity vows to take film industry by storm


Midlands State University (MSU) has vowed to take Zimbabwe’s film industry by storm as it gears to unveil a professionally recorded commercial short film.


Titled Soul Food, the film was created by MSU Film and Theatre Arts students as a project to take their lecture room knowledge onto the field.

Soul Food producer and script-writer Tariro December said in an interview that the movie would give birth to professional film production in Zimbabwe.

“We want to bring about the birth of professionalism in our local film production methods and make it a profitable industry,” December said.

December highlighted that they were also targeting an international audience as part of seeking to produce quality products that transcend local and regional boundaries.

“We plan to make good quality movies that we can sell to the international community and to big players such as DStv,” he noted.

Alison Muchato, who plays the role of Richard (a flamboyant patron) in the film, promises to deliver a high quality performance, owing to his exposure to numerous theatre enactments.

“In order to be a good actor, you should have exposure to theatre productions, which I have been doing for a long time,” Muchato explained.

December said Soul Food was conceptualised in May and its recording began early June.

The film is a fiction story about Gabriel (the main actor), a bar owner who offers patrons their dreams in exchange for their souls, decisions which evaluate the worth of pleasure and power.

It incorporates religious and supernatural elements understood in society and teaches a moral lesson that “not all that glitters is gold”, targeting the modern youth that fall prey to the lusts of this world.


  1. Thats quite innovative. Just wondering when they will start professionally producing those x rated movies that MSU is known for.

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