Updates: Amos Midzi’s death

Midzi and Chigumba arrives in Mt Darwin

FORMER Zanu PF Harare provincial chairman, Amos Midzi was on Tuesday morning found dead in a suspected case of suicide.

The Epworth legislator was found in his vehicle at his farm in Marirangwe near Harare. NewsDay is now at Munandi farm to bring you live updates of what is taking place.


Our journalists report that the police have since barricaded the area where Midzi’s body was found in a car.

The barricaded area indicates where Midzi's body was found.
The barricaded area indicates where Midzi’s body was found.

1:18 pm: Mourners gathered at 857 Nursery Road. Mount Pleasant.

1:14 pm: Chris Chigumba arrives. Stanley says the blue pills found in the car were purchased on the 29th of May.

1:13 pm: Midzi’s body was found at the backseat with his legs stretched in-between the front seats where gear lever is positioned.

12: 49 pm: Small blue pills found in the car

12: 45 pm: NEWS FLASH. Car keys found under the mat in the car. Also found was $282. The notes were in different pockets.

12:41 pm: Stanley complaining about the presence of journalists

12: 39 pm: Relatives have now been allowed to see him. Body finally moved from the car he was found in into the coffin.


12:37 pm: Wife complaining that the media is being allowed to film the body before she has seen it.

12:35 pm: Midzi wife claim to not have seen the body.


12: 31 pm: Our reporter Moses Matenga said the police are now moving his body from the car which was situated in a bushy part of the farm. A police truck has been made available to collect the body. There was no road leading to where the car was found.


12: 30 pm: The brother has finally been allowed to enter the barricaded area.

12:28 pm: The vehicle in which Amos Midzi was found was locked. Police could not find the keys on the scene. They broke the door to get to his body.

12:26 pm: Stanley Midzi said: “The family has lost a pillar. I will leave it to the Zanu PF Harare province who worked with him to speak more on how they related together.”

12:19 pm: Amos Midzi brother, Stanley tells the NewsDay exclusively that he has not been allowed to view the body before it was moved. Stanley


  1. And so the cemetery dynamics have begun. cry the beloved city. He who plays with the sword will die with the sword.

  2. Hamba kahle comrade. Your fellow comrades were not happy with how you denied to be a boot licker.

    Fare thee well……..

  3. i think this is the easiest way they have found to deal with magamatox before they become a full fledged party.

  4. those small blue pills is it not viagra.maybe he was waiting for a quick one in that bushy area.

  5. Sad indeed to here but how ever judging from the narations from the events leading to his recovery, i would want the nation to help me crack the following puzzles:
    -his body was found at the back seat with his legs stretched nepa gear lever
    -his car was locked
    -car keys found under the car mat
    – blue pills found same as those found when learnmore jongwe died in prison. lets

    Zano rangu harisi rekurudziro asi kuti tionerane pamwe, Our morden cars like the one he had doe not lock the drivers side without the mobiliser or key, secondly the fact that his car keys were under the mat it means he put them there first before he left the front seat and subsequent tucking himself in between the two front seats from the back seat, which in my own view thats not possible. the vehicle was parked there afa kare and the people who brought him there vakato mugarisa in that position to enable them to travel.they then locked the front drivers side from inside before they locked all the other doors and the blue pills are the same as the ones found pakafa Learnmore Jongwe.

    Anyway ngatinzwe postmotemn yake dai zvaibvira invite foreign pathologist. M.H.S.R .I .P

    • Dziks what you are saying is the opposite of the modem car, they could not lock the doors and leave the keys under the mates,
      its possible for you to lock yourself in the car without the keys or with the keys inside by just pressing one central lock button,

  6. Zanu is calculating now. Havachada kunzi vaponda. Here vakuda kuti rakidza senge he overdosed on Viagra. Most Viagra pills on the market in Zim are fake Chinese which will not kill you even if you overdossed on 100 of them. This has zanu pf hallmarks all over it. It cannot be divorced from succession politics. saka toti he wanted to screw a female farm worker in Marirangwe? Had he been found in the avenues that would have made sense. It is all bull. That’s what it is.

  7. Dziks mubiyangu yu hav done a thorough analysis which to my view is the correct one. Yu must be a detective. Auraya murume uyu.

  8. Doors can be locked from outside using spare keys after you are killed, there is no amount of depression that could have forced Midzi to take his life. His suspension/Expulsion was inevitable and was aware of that himself. How could he alone be depressed when he was among the 141 affected cadres. Just quietly bury the comrade and shut up.

    Once you join ZPF then know that you have joined an evil sect which your life is automatically in the mafia’s hands

  9. those blue pills are blue diamonds/viagra they are for sex , but they also kill if you heart is weak, the sex partner fled the scene

    • asekuru, we got plenty of blue pills in the pharmacies, e.g phenegan, alprazolam, clonazepam, oxycodone etc can all be found on blue. maybe rather they shld further say if there r any prints embossed on them for much accurate identification.

  10. Very very sad indeed. i remembered him during the 2008 run off 27 June vaMugabe muoffice when he was addressing a rally in warren park 1 where where people were forced to attend saying,”nyangwe mukasavhotera vaMugabe vakaruza pachigaro havabvi”

  11. Dai zvaibvira pashaikwa weZanu PF kana akadzingwako anofa kuitira kuti vana nhingi vashaye nyaya. Dai kwangofa veMDC natwumwe tumapato.

  12. he might have killed himself this man because of frustration based on the following:

    1. for all the years he lost a parliamentary seat for Epwoth to MDC.
    2. when he won it in 2013 after struggle and some fiancial losses two years later he was suspended from Zanu PF his party meaning that his parliamentary seat would be declared vacant anytime.
    3. He lost the Harare province chairmanship through a vote of no confidence a position which he occupied for many years.
    4. other fellow ambassadors ie Khaya Myo and Mutsvangwa are close to RGM but he has been pushed a distance due to gamatox lebelling which lead to his loss of even the smallest position in the party.

  13. Here are the results of the Hurungwe by-election:

    People – First
    ZANU- Second
    Nhevha Phiri – Last

  14. cde midzi aiva ne-dara ndosaka vapfuudzwa kubata kwana kasukuweeeee .. post motèrm ikuitwa nezanu. mapurisa zanu auraya zanu the only result yatichanzwa is obvious kuti wazvipfuudza. rip cde


  15. Haa uyo apondwa uyo kunyeberana kuti azviuraya plus why pasina note munhu anozviuraya anotaura reason and how come mota yake yawanikwa musango matadza kupinda mota yemapurisa .
    zvakuduanana manje mudzi wadzurwa chapwititi chawuya

  16. Zimbabweans are very funy. You never cease to amaze me. People don’t die, they are killed. Whenever someone dies if you are into tradition “Munoenda kunobvunzira”, If you are those vekumasowe, “munoenda kuKirawa”, those who received “Vechipentecostal you say he has been killed”. We are all humans and one day we ought to die.
    Its surprising that all of you you are convinced that he was killed. Even if you are Zanu PF you will die one day. No one will die unless God permits. The onus is on us vapenyu to mend our relationship with our creator rather than wasting precious time tichityisidzirana kuti kunozourayiwa munhu, this and that. Hapana ambourayiwa, munhu afa full stop.

    • pwaaaaaaaaaapwaaaaaaaaaapwaaaaaa!!!!……handisikuseka kufa kwemunhu asi Jalado statement yako yandipedza.
      Zororai murugare vaMidzi.Mhuri yekwaMidzi ndinehurombo,mweya mutsvene ngawukunyaradzeyi panguva yakawoma iyi.

  17. Cde Harare, is it a waste of time to lock up murderers? We all have a right to know why Solomon died in that way and in this case why Amos also died in this way?

  18. Why is it that zanu pf cadres are die suspiciously-accident, suicide, burning in the house, accident.
    Ko kumborwarawo long time wozofa sezvakaita sally naMzenda?

    Ndanyumwa varume.
    Anodya zvebanga anofa nebanga.

  19. Aaaaaaaaaaaa nadzozve dzetirikuzwa idzi,, aaaakomana heyi,, dhemeti. Chemai muine tariro. The world passes away with its lust thereof but he that doeth the will of the father abides forever.

  20. Best to preempt these thugs..here is my conspiracy theory…there will be found a suicide note ,claiming he had something to do with Dzamara disapperance ,obva apomerwa nyaya yacho oga zvonzi ndozvaakazviurayira..thus solving that millstone which is hanging on zanus necks …

  21. Midzi was the master mind behind Gomwe dealings akati kufa kunei Gomwe was singinging

  22. Ateya mariva murutsva haachatya kusviba magaro.Ndunge akamera nyanga haachatya kutungwa.Zanu isango rinorira ngururu varume..kubvambura nekubvamburwa.Unenge mutambo wehorikotyo..wafa-wafa.Nezuro ndiDzamara..nhasi Midzi..zvakutoda Chinengozi kuti akande hakata…

  23. Chombo, Gomwe and all Harare Province members who looted housing stands using Graces name and are currenly being investigated are prime suspects.

  24. Chief witness to this case is the wife, who knew the husbands state of mind before the death. Also his cellphone records and people who last saw him.

  25. Why Zanu is similar to a satanic mvt.
    1. You get in becoz of benefits and fear and not out of love of it.
    2. Fear and terror drives the party.
    3. Once in you cant get out
    4. Plenty of infighting and fights to be a bigger shef.
    5. They kill their own without remorse
    6. There is one centre of power which cannot be opposed.

  26. These people are all the same.They have also played their part previously in eliminating anyone opposed to mugabe and his zanu pf policies.Now that they have crossed the line so let it be.kana urimuvhimi we shumba nerimwe zuva uchadyiwa ne shumba.hokoyo mai mujuru,mutasa na Gumbo. You are in the line of fire it’s a question of time Maurice amaingoita vamwe aya ndiyo maurairwe amuchautwa

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