Upcoming reggae artiste pledges to stay put


IN a music field dominated by Zimdancehall as the main part of contemporary urban culture, Norton-based musician Ignatious “G’natious” Mugogo has defied all odds by releasing his debut 14-track reggae singles compilation last week.


The songs, produced by Munandi Records and Carbon Studios, have a deep conscious taste while two of them feature rising musicians “ILL Deep” and “IamSLY”, both from the small town.

In an interview with NewsDay, Mugogo said his mission was to evoke emotions and make music that gets better with time.

Ignatius Mugogo

“Reggae music has more to do with maturity and emotions so that is a good thing because it gives more meaning to my songs which are mostly love songs,” said Mugogo.

“Music is like wine. It should get better with time so the focus of a musician should be to grow into it, becoming better on every track they make.”

The track Sometimes It’s Worth It is already getting airplay on local radio stations and the singer has pledged consistency in his line of music.

Mugogo, who started his music career in 2008, said the secret to making it in the industry was to focus on making more music that can survive through time because of rich lyrical content and compact tune composition.

“I am passionate about this kind of music (reggae) because I am trying to make music that is timeless and can survive into the next generation,” said Mugogo.

The 29-year-old mechanical engineer has to date distributed more than 500 compact discs of the compilation for free and aims to give out more by the end of the month to counter the pain he feels when his music is pirated.

“I am giving out my CDs for free because it is better than to see them being sold by someone who did not work for them while I do not gain anything from my hard work,” he said.