Tsvangirai to deliver ‘state of the nation address’


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai will tomorrow deliver his “state of the nation” address at the Exhibition Park in Harare to commemorate seven years after the bloody 2008 Presidential election run-off he boycotted due to widespread violence and intimidation of opposition supporters.


Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said the address would be preceded by an exhibition in the Home Industries Hall at the same venue to commemorate the violence of June 27, 2008 “in which innocent Zimbabweans were killed in a senseless act of State-sponsored violence”.

“In that violence seven years ago, many Zimbabweans were killed, maimed and assaulted when Zanu PF used State security agents and engaged in a violent retributive clampdown against the people of Zimbabwe for overwhelmingly voting for the MDC on 29 March 2008,” Tamborinyoka said.

“President Tsvangirai’s state of the nation address on Saturday comes against a background of the collapse of all sectors of the economy following the stolen election of July 2013 and the resurgence of Zanu PF-sponsored terror and violence in the country.”

He said the address also came amid glaring shortcomings in the recently held by-elections that were largely snubbed by the people who were “solidly behind the MDC’s insistence on the implementation of far-reaching reforms to ensure a credible election and an undisputed outcome”.

“Apart from speaking on the state of the country and all sectors of the economy, president Tsvangirai will speak on his vision for the country and propose the way forward, given the comatose state of the economy and the clueless leadership in the seat of government.”


  1. Ndokudhomoka kauku, state of e nation adress akamira sani. Politics dzana tsvangirai ndodzakonzeresa kudhakwa kwezvinhu. He shld be tried on treason charges tofana hatingawache ka nekuti akuda kutonga!!!!!

  2. Guys you wasted our time and effort back then. Please don’t try to take us back there. Can you please just accept you messed up your chance.

    Never try to bring back 2008 as your leverage.

    Try to accept that you have just failed us a million times.


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