Referee suspended over blunder


ASSISTANT referee Bongani Gadzikwa was suspended yesterday following his blunder that denied Highlanders an equaliser in their Castle Lager Premier Soccer League match against Dynamos at Rufaro Stadium on Sunday.


Dynamos won the match 3-2.

It does not only rain, but it’s also putting bucket loads for the beleaguered Gadzikwa after Highlanders also lodged an official complaint with the PSL over alleged bad officiating after the Bulawayo giants were disallowed a Knox Mutizwa 78th minute goal which appeared to be legitimate.

Although Zifa Referees Committee vice-chairman Wilfred Mukuna did not mention any official by name, he said yesterday: “Our department has looked into the issue and we can confirm that the suspension of the match official in charge of seeing offsides has taken place. We are still going further with the investigations and we cannot say much until we conclude the investigations.”

Referee Norman Matemera, himself no stranger to controversy involving Highlanders and Dynamos, also reportedly faces sanctions for his inept handling of the match as investigations continue, although it is likely that the controversial centreman will be cleared.

Matemera was in the eye of a big storm last November in the Chibuku Super Cup final between FC Platinum and Harare City at Mandava Stadium which ended 1-1 after extra time and the Zvishavane side triumphed in the penalty shootout.

Walter Musona scrambled home a late equaliser, four minutes into Matemera’s added time which City claimed had not crossed the line.

The Harare side was also not happy with the build-up to the goal which also included a freekick which was supposed to have been given to the municipal side.

Two seasons ago, Matemera added three more minutes, in addition to the four minutes he had put up during the Highlanders-Dynamos match when the Bulawayo side was leading 1-0 at Rufaro. Dynamos equalised in the added time to steal a point.

Gadzikwa was assistant referee in last year’s match between the two sides again at the National Sports Stadium in the TM
Pick n Pay Challenge Cup final which Dynamos won 4-1.

Recently, Zimbabwean referees were put in the spotlight after Ruzive Ruzive was expelled from officiating at the Cosafa Cup for controversial refereeing in the match between Madagascar and Swaziland.

The contentious ruling by Matemera and Gadzikwa on Sunday has sent tongues wagging on the streets and an uproar on social media has erupted.

Highlanders chief executive officer Ndumiso Gumede yesterday confirmed that Bosso had filed a complaint against the match officials.

“The secretary (Emmet Ndlovu) has already written to the PSL complaining,” Gumede said.

The match was beamed live on SuperSport 9 and some Highlanders fans who watched the match were also not amused with the match officiating on Sunday.

Teekay Sibanda, a staunch Highlanders fan from Thorngrove, Bulawayo, said bad refereeing incited violence.

“The referee (Matemera) had seen that it was a clear goal and he allowed his decision to be overruled by that of the linesman.
We are killing our own game and the match officials are the ones inciting violence. It was the same situation at Mandava (against FC Platinum) and as Highlanders fans, we are not happy. During that match yesterday (Sunday), even the Dynamos defenders were shocked. Matemera has been controversial before and I wonder why he is being given these big matches. Why him all the time? Even the Dynamos fans are not celebrating,” Sibanda said.

Gladman Ncube of Magwegwe North echoed similar sentiments.

“That last goal should have been allowed. It was as if Dynamos had a 12th man on the field of play. It was the assistant referee (Gadzikwa) who made that decision, but the referee (Matemera) has the final say. He (Matemera) was in charge. However, it was an exciting game, very competitive, but spoilt by officiating,” Ncube said.

However, Abraham Bharibhari, a Dynamos fan also from Magwegwe, had different views.

“The assistant referee did not raise his flag for offside. I think there was a push and that is what Highlanders were charged for. Highlanders were awarded a dubious penalty in the first half and why is no one raising that? Otherwise it was a great game with Dynamos dominating the first half and Highlanders were on fire in the second half,” Bharibhari said.

Immediately, after the match on Sunday, Highlanders vice-chairman Mgcini Sibhalo Mpofu, who resides in Harare, vented his anger on social network Facebook.

“To hell with diplomacy, Zifa is killing our beautiful game. Matemera was involved in controversy in our previous match against Dynamos when he added eight minutes injury time. Matemera is always at the centre of controversy whenever he officiates a big game. Harare City were cheated at Platinum, thanks to him. Why do we, as Bosso, get a referee from Masvingo when playing a game at BF and Dynamos gets one from Mbare playing at Rufaro? Today (I) am hurt, but I still believe it will soon be over,” Mpofu said.

Tau Marcello Makoni had this to say on Facebook: “In as much as I support DeMbare, to be honest, Bosso were robbed of a clear third goal . . . Just drop your number and get the video on WhatsApp. It was not an offside.”

SuperSport commentator Steve Vickers said: “I’ve watched replays of the Highlanders disallowed goal several times. Highlanders were robbed of a genuine goal. In fact, that goal was nowhere near an offside. This is a great injustice. That goal should have stood.”


  1. If it’s true that Bongani has been suspended, that’s good for football.In fact, he met the justice he denied Bosso.The image of the country’s match officials is in tatters, because of those few rogue ones who spoil the image of those hard working ones.It’s unfortunate that Bosso stands to lose that point which drives it to the undeserved relegation zone.

  2. Highlanders should be awarded a point also coz that was very very bad for the image of soccer.

  3. this bongani is an official who is being sacrifised. how many officials have given dynamos matches and have gone untouched. a number of dynamos championships have been won this way. its only that this one was too obvious, but it has always been done. i remember as far as the days of peter ndlovu when they played in castle cup final and the officials tried hard to deny highlanders the trophy but then the ndlovus and the team were too good for allow that. its a shame.




  5. nxaaa to hell with Zim soccer ,refrees are th chief instigators of hooliganism ,Highlanders should be given their point

  6. Pliz give Bosso their point. We dont want to see the local refs officiating again. Zvima ref zvemu Zimbabwe, ptuuu! Our soccer is being destroyed by the few IDIOTS.

    • true that. as a country we used to fall to many big teams but we were always better than bafana bafana. now south african soccer has improved whilst ours has gone backwards, bafana bafana have improved whilst our warriors have become “worry-us”. what destroys our soccer is corruption and this is one of the results of a corrupt state.

  7. Yogi in his match comment thanked Dynamos’ supporters who were the ’12th man’ in the match, for helping them win the match, it just turns out that their supporter, the 12th man was none other than the assistant referee himself.

  8. point rekudii kwacho zvakavharana muchazvionawo kana makutonga bt dat will b afta 1528754595645 years kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • If the referee awarded offside, that was a monumental blunder. If it was for a push by the passer of the ball then maybe. but i would need to hear from the referees what they awarded. I am also of the opinion that the Bosso penalty was not a genuine penalty so both teams benefitted from poor officiating. Yes! Let us take it this way, if the penalty had not been awarded and the controvesial offside goal awarded, Highlanders would still lose 3-2. So please Highlanders stop complaining when issues do not favour you and complain when issues favour you. Tell us of your benefits from bad officiating as well, it becomes 6 na 9 , draw baba. You still lose. Take nothing away from Highlanders, they played very well particularly in the second half but they are saying “we was robbed”.

    • true that. as a country we used to fall to many big teams but we were always better than bafana bafana. now south african soccer has improved whilst ours has gone backwards, bafana bafana have improved whilst our warriors have become “worry-us”. what destroys our soccer is corruption and this is one of the results of a corrupt state.

  9. hooooo nhai, nhasi zvorwadza nokuti mave imi nhai, Caps United yakapiwa clear penalt naRef muBF against Highlanders but Linesman akati NO’ saka munoti kuita here ikoko. hapana chinoshamisa apa kana kuWorld Cup zviriko wani. chinyararai musatinyaudza apa.

  10. sme off the comments here show tht we stil hav destructive ppl in our country.this happens in football al the tym bt its stil not justified.and fo a person to imply tht its ok bcz a certain grp(tribe) is ruling is paints an even uglier pic abt our country.thts y as a nation we wil always suffer.

  11. Can we now take it that all along someone have been stage managing, so as to maintain that Dynamos also beat Highlanders.. Heyo corruption yobva kuma phurisa to our refrees..

  12. Can we please have the clip.of the penalty as well so that we assess the fairnessfairness of the referee Whilst on that a reprimand and banning of those idiots who call themselves fans housed in the city end will be helpful. This is football and even in the developed countries it also happens. Your sports writer keep on referring to the added minutes, I give you the Manchester united vs City game when Michael Owen scored. I also advise you to read the laws of the game to understand how the game works.

  13. And while on that ask Super sport to provide another angle of the offside as like what happens with other professional broadcasters

  14. 1.Can we please have a video of the awarded penalty.
    2. Can the media including newsday condemn the behaviour of those fans housed in the city end who were throwing missiles way before this called controversy.
    3. Playing beyond additional time is not new check Man utd vs Man city game when Owen scored.
    4. Refs make mistakes and m wondering why you are bringing the 4 1 game where Bosso where thoroughly outclassed.

  15. i was shocked ndakatofunga kut maybe offside rule yakachinja kana kune less than 2 defenders inenge iri offside kkkkkk

  16. Saka Dynamos isina kwainosvika pa Champions league because ma ref ayo haakodzeri kuridza ikoko Rigging too much.

  17. An expulsion was preferrable to this linesman than a suspension becoz the latter can be uplifted. Izuba libola tamuzonjizyi boofu munkanzo. He had his eyes for decoration alone.

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